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Make a positive impact on nature

IF I had my way, anyone caught feeding wildlife would be severely penalised.

Sports Box

Olympic Games spirit is about joy, disappointment but not disparity

THERE’S this duality about sports. It has always been about ups and downs, winning and losing and joys and bitter disappointments.


Don't fall for these misleading fitness beliefs

Some myths can seem harmless but they can be detrimental to your fitness goals.

Curious Cook

Curious Cook: Plastic everywhere

The columnist looks at the prevalence of microplastics and nanoplastics and how they can enter the human body.

On Your Side

Pursuing that elusive dream

Whether it is the first Olympic gold or a place in the World Cup, Malaysia craves sporting glory

On The Line

Stylish Spain an anomaly in a game that continues to lose its lustre

SPAIN were deserving Euro 2024 winners for propagating an attractive, free-flowing and incisive game. As the fresh innocence and joie de vivre of 17-year old Lamine Yamal took the continent by storm, the Spaniards deviated from the common rule.

Over the Top

40 years of trust and patience

MY wife Norhayati Yusof and I tied the knot – or in Islam, pronounced the akad nikah – on July 15, 1984. Yes, yesterday was our 40th anniversary, I am happy to say.

SEARCH Scholar Series

Harmonising Innovation Ecosystems for Digital Startups

IN the ever-changing landscape of digital startups, innovation is essential for growth and success. Encouraging innovation, however, is not just the duty of individual startups.


Not just a ceremonial King

Sultan Ibrahim cares deeply and is also a man of action who wants to get things done.

Putting Dr G On The Spot

Smoking's role in male impotence

Dr G explains the relationship between smoking and ED.

All the pieces matter

Why parallel pathways are needed

Facts show that parallel pathway training is still needed to ensure Malaysia will have enough fully qualified medical specialists.

On The Beat

Biting the bullet

If we tighten our belts now and ride the storm, the benefits could be worth it eventually.

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