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A Winning Factor

Rising young stars and dark horses keep one awake

THIS edition’s European Championships is turning out to be a tournament for the youth. Many expected the established stars to shine, but so far, the youth are taking centrestage in Germany.

Pinang Points

Stop giving bogus monks money

GIVING money to Buddhist monks may cause them to commit an offence under their code of monastic discipline known as the Dhamma-Vinaya.

SEARCH Scholar Series

Global Development Initiative puts TVET in the limelight

WHAT generally comes to mind when we mention Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) in Malaysia? A typical perception of it is a pathway suitable only for those who do not perform well academically, and it is seen as a less prestigious option than traditional academic education.

Reflecting On The Law

Rethinking federal-state relations

Federalism is a journey and not just a set of institutions and procedures.


Dear Thelma: Struggling with my overly jealous and sensitive girlfriend

Her excessive jealousy and sensitivity have slowly affected my personal life, causing me to doubt our relationship, and to fear that I might be heading for another failed marriage.


Joining BRICS right thing for Malaysia to do

KUALA LUMPUR: Seeking a formal membership to join BRICS is certainly the right thing for Malaysia to do as the global landscape changes.


High- vs low-maintenance dogs

Maintaining dog fur coats can be tricky.


DogTalk: Pawsitive vibes for human health

Every few months, there’s a news item about the huge health benefit that comes from dog ownership. But is the science all it’s cracked up to be?

Putting Dr G On The Spot

Cutting to the root of painful family tradition

Circumcision is the surgical removal of the skin covering the glans penis, which has been practiced since the ancient Egyptian times, with the origin in religious rites.

On The Beat

Fuelling reforms

Better late than never because Malaysia needs to avoid sinking into economic oblivion.

All the pieces matter

Emphasising shared humanity

World Refugee Day is a reminder to try to recognise our shared humanity with those who have had to flee their homes.

Beyond boundaries

Between trust and national interest

Malaysia's Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and his Singapore counterpart Lawrence Wong have set a positive tone to resolving outstanding bilateral issues between the two countries – but will good relations between leaders trickle down the line?

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