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The Doctor Says

Stopping the drug resistance by dangerous microorganisms

We need to act together to prevent more microorganisms from developing antimicrobial resistance.

Pinang Points

Optimism remains for Langkawi tourism sector

Year-end peak season may bring some relief for struggling operators on island

A Winning Factor

Decoding Trent’s best position – rightback or midfield maestro?

FOOTBALLER Trent Alexander-Arnold will always be a topic of discussion among Liverpool fans.

Over the Top

A letter from a Mufti

AS empathetic people everywhere – including in Malaysia – reel from the devastating impact of the Israel-Hamas war, a letter from the Mufti of Singapore shines a light on the path to the truest form of spiritual understanding. Dr Nazirudin Mohd Nasir wrote to the republic’s Chief Rabbi, Mordechai Abergel, on Oct 13, following the outbreak of hostilities on Oct 7.


Highland Park distillery, where whisky meets history in Scotland’s Orkney region

The Highland Park Distillery draws a unique character from the remarkable history and culture of Scotland’s Orkney region.

SEARCH Scholar Series

Digital economy: Malaysia as a dynamic technology hub

Malaysia has emerged as a dynamic hub for technology and innovation, boasting a vibrant start-up ecosystem and an inspiring entrepreneurial spirit.


Dear Thelma: My adopted child is confused and curious about her birth parents

Lucy is struggling with her sense of identity. She often feels like she doesn't belong or fit in ... She has expressed a desire to connect with her biological roots.

Putting Dr G On The Spot

The double trouble of radiating the prostate

I understand you are highlighting the aftermath of prostate cancer in the month of November, and I am hoping you can shed some light on my problem as well.

Through Many Windows

Collaborative empowerment

How citizens can safeguard against exploitation by political and economic elites for collective wellbeing.

All the pieces matter

Palestine and Germany’s shame

Israel is doing onto the Palestinians, what the Germans once did to the Jews.

It's Just Politics

Lessons on how not to handle a crisis

A government official gets into hot water, supposedly heated up by people out to get him.

On The Beat

Dazed and confused

Silly barely has boundaries, if the shenanigans of an MP are anything to go by.

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