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Why Not?

Jumbo job ahead as waters rise

A PAIR of elephants went ambling around a housing area in Kluang, Johor, tearing down the fence of a house before moving on. That was two months ago.

Sports Box

Cambodia’s 60-year dream coming true – don’t let it be a nightmare, organisers

IN just 55 days, the curtains will go up on Cambodia’s first-ever SEA Games but niggling questions are slowly cropping up as to whether the country can pull it off without major hiccups.

Two Fit

A cold shower can have beneficial health effects

Indeed, ice baths, which are a more extreme version of this, appears to be the next wellness trend.

On The Line

How long will the pipeline overflow with feel good stories Hannah?

Hannah Yeoh, scored 39% in a survey conducted by media organisations on the people’s level of satisfaction with the Cabinet’s first 100 days.


Education the great unifier

MINISTER of Higher Education Datuk Seri Khaled Nordin gave a great speech at the soft launch of the Bangladesh campus of UCSI University, held at the Cheras campus on Feb 3.

Tell Me About

Is my loved one an alcoholic? How to spot the signs

How to tell the difference between someone with an alcohol problem and someone whose drinking is controlled.


What's next after Anwar’s first 100 days?

THE weather in recent weeks has been downright disgusting, with dark clouds hovering above most of the time and downpours soaking up much of the country, in particular Johor and the East Coast states.


When Hadi is on a rampage of sheer incoherence - sembah derhaka?

Democracy is not about toppling the government. If that is the definition, then Malaysia would have learned all the wrong lessons from the French Revolution of 1789.

So Aunty, So What?

Unhand me, my phone!

MY smartphone: friend or foe? That’s what I am wondering after watching the Korean movie called Unlocked on Netflix.

Matters of the Mind

Change your negative thoughts and behaviours with CBT

Cognitive behavioural therapy is based on the idea that our thoughts, feelings and behaviours are all linked.

A Winning Factor

Out with the old and in with the new

MANCHESTER City fans would like to claim the biggest derby game for them will be the match against Liverpool. For me, and to quote the famous Regina George from Mean Girls, “Stop trying to make fetch happen!”


A flood of woes that won’t go away

THE scene was heart-wrenching. Dozens of flood victims were on the rooftop of their homes in Segamat, screaming for help.

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