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Curious Cook

Curious Cook: Food trends after Christmas

Next year, the pandemic will continue to delay the return to restaurant dining and encourage more healthy homecooking but it’s unlikely insect eating will take off.

Dear Thelma

Dear Thelma: Struggling with schizophrenia and dementia all by myself

This woman confides in Thelma that she is worried about her future as she is beset by physical and mental challenges.

Dog Talk

Dog Talk: Living with giant dog breeds

Great Danes were bred to take down wild boar and deer. We talk to a Malaysian owner in the United States about life with really big dogs.

Putting Dr G On The Spot

Ho, ho, ho holding back the scrotal sac

I am in my mid-30s and have noticed some weird changes in my scrotal sacs in recent weeks.

On The Beat

Reason for the season

CHRISTMAS Day may be over, but we should still be talking about this special occasion since the world is still celebrating the festive season. As a matter of fact, the Orthodox Christians in Russia and Eastern Europe annually celebrate Christmas Day on or around Jan 7.


All I want for 2021 is...

FOR some weeks now I have felt a quickening of the heartbeat and an electric pulse that goes up my arms through my nerves as if someone attached me to a power plug and left the switch on. It is literally unnerving because for the longest time I didn’t know why I was feeling like this, and no amount of controlled breathing could calm it.

All the pieces matter

Bangsa Malaysia: Worth fighting for

Abim has sounded the rallying call. Will we answer?

The Star Says

2020’s experiences prepare us for the future

THE year 2020 has been a disastrous one for all of us. We will remember for the rest of our lives how something that is invisible to the naked eye paralysed humankind, bringing the global economy to its knees and society to a grinding halt as governments everywhere imposed lockdowns.


Parting shot gets silent treatment

ALL seems calm as DAP prepares for what could be its most momentous party election in decades. In fact, it has been so quiet that some have labelled it the “silent election campaign”.

It's Just Politics

It will only get weirder

IT has been a weird year, politically. The year 2020 started with the continuation of the expected political game between then Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and prime-minister-in- waiting Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim. In February, it ended unexpectedly: Dr Mahathir resigned as Prime Minister. It was as if the Langkawi MP had outplayed himself when he plotted to stop the Port Dickson MP from becoming PM.


DAP’s strangely silent election campaign

ALL seems calm as the DAP prepares for what could be its most momentous party election in decades.

On Your Side

The true spirit of Christmas

Don’t let Covid-19 ruin your celebrations. Instead, this year is a perfect time to do more for the less fortunate.

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