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Muhyiddin intends to walk the talk

The Cabinet line-up may be known tomorrow and its composition will be a test of how serious the PM is about bringing in competent persons with integrity.

It's Just Politics

Hoping for a Malaysian-first PM

‘Politics will not change. But society can as long as we collectively realise that politics is just a profession and the ones who dominate it are those who work the system the best.’

Siti Lights

Can you have your cake and eat it?

We should not take our democracy for granted. The right to vote is the essence of a democratic country.

On The Beat

Mission: Totally Possible

When a nonagenarian made headlines by becoming a returning prime minister, it seemed like we had seen it all in the political sphere... until the last couple of weeks.

The Star Says

The fight for gender equality must go on

MARCH was supposed to be a month of promise for women. The proposed Sexual Harassment Bill (which rights activists have been working towards for two decades) was expected to be tabled at the next parliamentary meeting (which would have been tomorrow), which is the start of the new Parliamentary session.


Expectations of MY government

Trust needs to be rebuilt urgently to heal the heart and soul of the nation.

On Your Side

Finding honour among our politicians

Despite constant bickering in the political scene, Malaysians have shown maturity and restraint. Politicians must now show integrity in these trying times.

Vital Signs

Dear Prime Minister, suggestions for our next Health Minister

The Health portfolio is a crucial one, best suited for a science-driven, results-based, non-partisan health technocrat.

Along The Watchtower

Tough rite of passage

AFTER a turbulent week of political twists and turns, we have a new Prime Minister promising to appoint Cabinet members of high calibre with integrity and a clean track record. However, for some, the main questions, including on the legitimacy of the new government, remain unsettled.

Over the Top

A nation at the crossroads

The path to a better future, says our columnist, is based on shared history, economy and spirituality.

The Bowerbird Writes

When our politicians failed us

OUR politicians have been involved in political manoeuvring as long as we can remember. Some were embroiled in political scandals and shameful misdeeds.

Colours of China

Chinese authorities get tough

LAST week, China’s top legislature – the National People’s Congress (NPC) Standing Committee – adopted a draft to prohibit the trade and consumption of wild animals and their products.