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Shafie’s choice: PM, or CM, or nothing?

Sabah chief minister Datuk Seri Shafie Apdal is facing Shafie’s choice. There are two versions of Shafie’s choice, depending on your political affiliation.

On The Beat

Predictable outcome

The rumblings of a return to power are gaining momentum, but a foundation is rarely built on shaky ground.

All the pieces matter

Doing politics differently

Youth-driven Parlimen Digital shows what Malaysia 2.0 might look like, when governance is about consensus building and common ground, not endless bickering.

Asian Editors Circle

Identity politics during Covid-19

Moving forward, we need to reimagine our post-pandemic societies in the world, region and in Indonesia.


Shafie missing the X-factor

Pakatan Harapan's credibility spirals downwards as the discord over who should be their prime minister candidate continues to play out like an unending soap opera.

Science, She Wrote

The Covid-19 Chronicles: How to wake up

Often, we confuse the way we are used to doing things with who we are. … Although difficult to undergo, the MCO became a much-needed hiatus from the ways we were used to doing things, a chance to break free from accepted ways of thinking.


Crestfallen over coat of arms dispute

The ‘unity’ asserted by our motto was a homage to federalism. Today, it also applies to unity across diverse communities in Malaysia. It is ironic then that our coat of arms has become a lightning rod of division.


Clear hints that PM has the numbers

Muhyiddin seems to have an early election in mind, according to those who attended a Perikatan Nasional leadership meeting in Putrajaya.

So Aunty, So What?

The zombie days are over

MONDAY marked my first anniversary as a retiree. I can hardly believe 12 months flew by so quickly.I blithely wrote about the start of this new chapter in my July 17, 2019, column titled My life as I never knew it.

All the pieces matter

Should DAP and Amanah trust Dr Mahathir again?

Let’s start by being fair. The last two joint statements by DAP and Amanah made many decent points.

Colours of China

Second round of tests under way

No lockdown but millions tested for Covid-19 in Beijing after another cluster emerged at a wholesale market.

All the pieces matter

DAP and Amanah: What is your real priority?

It is utterly pointless to fight over who will lead you, if you have completely forgotten where it is you are supposed to go.

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