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Anwar leading but Tambun fence-sitters still undecided

 IT is just days into the election campaign but Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim is already omnipresent in Perak.

Over the Top

A vote for our dignity

WHEN the dissolution of Parliament was announced on Oct 10, we citizens of Malaysia became “kings” of our destiny once more.

A Winning Factor

EPL teams need to follow this formula if they want to win title

THERE is a formula that each team need to follow if they want to win the English Premier League.

Sunny Side Up

In 2023, take a step closer to your best self

Here's some help with identifying your goals for 2023 – these questions will prompt you to figure out what steps to take.

SEARCH Scholar Series

How AI can power economic recovery and overcome challenges in Malaysia

ARTIFICIAL intelligence (AI) is progressively being recognised as the new general purpose technology that will bring about revolutionary economic transformation similar to the Industrial Revolution.

Matters of the Mind

GE15: Feeling anxious about the elections?

General elections are a time when emotions can run high, whether you are a candidate, avid supporter or a voter.


Who the people want as their leader

Survey findings show the caretaker PM is ahead of other political leaders, including Zahid.

The Bowerbird Writes

The power of every vote

We may be heralding a new era in our political construct and the political culture is changing for the better.


Dear Thelma: My only child has cut off ties with me, and I'm sad and baffled

Lately, he has changed. He asked me why I scold him whenever I see him. But I don't scold him, I just offer him some advice. As a result, he has stopped calling me or replying my text messages. His visits have stopped too.

Putting Dr G On The Spot

PSA shouldn’t mean Persistent Stress and Anxiety

Dear Dr. G, The sheer mention of the prostate really scares me.

The Star Says

Let’s keep it clean, people

THE 14-day campaign for the 15th General Election (GE15) officially started today with 945 hopeful candidates contesting for 222 parliamentary seats nationwide.

It's Just Politics

Politics of the Wild Wild East

ON nomination day yesterday, Sabah fulfilled its reputation for being the Wild Wild East of Malaysian politics.

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