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On Your Side

Wither the 24-hour eatery?

LET’S face it, Malaysians love to eat.


The conspiracy theory-toting ‘academic’

AMERICAN academic Bruce Gilley is no stranger to controversies, but the political scientist has crossed the line. Surely fabrication, exaggeration and conspiracy theories are not the hallmarks of any respectable academic.

Southern Reflections

Time to spread kindness

WHEN was the last time you performed a random act of kindness?

At Full Swing

Global pathways driving Asian rising stars to reach golf’s promised land

THE establishment of strategic alliances between many of the regional golf circuits and the DP World Tour has provided new impetus for Asia’s rising stars to shoot for coveted places in golf’s promised land, known otherwise as the PGA Tour.

Along The Watchtower

Global surge in military spending

THIS must be the scariest evidence that global peace is at its lowest level today.

Know Your Medicines

Delivering drugs through the skin

Transdermal patches are an effective way of delivering regular doses of medicine in a painless and non-invasive way.

Over the Top

Don’t go chasing waterfalls

The columnist hopes his fellow Malaysians are not pursuing impossibilities and wishing for the wrong thing.

A Winning Factor

Choose your HARD! Teams determine their summer as winners or losers

OBESITY is HARD! Being fit is HARD! Choose your HARD! Playing in Europe is HARD! Playing domestically is HARD! Choose your HARD! Going on a winning run is HARD! Coming out of a losing streak is HARD! Choose your HARD! Playing football will never be easy; it is always HARD, but as a team, we can choose our HARD!

Women's World

Our sense of balance is crucial to prevent falls

There are a number of conditions that can affect our sense of balance, resulting in an increased risk of falling.

SEARCH Scholar Series

Leveraging China's GDI to revitalise Malaysia’s industrial sector

SINCE the early 1990s, Malaysia has been exhibiting signs of premature deindustrialisation, characterised by a decline in the relative contribution of the manufacturing sector to the economy – a trait typically observed only when a country has attained the status of a developed country.


Dear Thelma: I'm so worried as my son's job and marriage are going south

Despite his intelligence and capabilities, he appears to encounter difficulties in maintaining employment. Additionally, my son's marriage seems to be facing significant challenges. ... I fear that their relationship might be deteriorating.


The web of Gwen: 10 years after her debut, Spider-Gwen keeps spinning gold

With her popularity soaring thanks to the success of the Spider-Verse movies, we’re looking forward to seeing Spider-Gwen in more stories to come.

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