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Pinang Points

Sharing water for all states

IT was a double whammy of sorts.

Women's World

When we have too little zinc

Although our body only needs a small amount of this mineral, not having enough can disrupt crucial functions and systems.


Dear Thelma: What shall I do with my freeloader husband?

He is not bothered to keep up with the household chores as promised. And he keeps spending more and more money from my account for his own hobby and enjoyment, in extravagance, causing us serious credit card debts.

Putting Dr G On The Spot

Herniating embarrassment in the sac

Dr G talks about hernia.

Beyond boundaries

The best way out

If the political and human rights crisis in Myanmar continues, Asean needs to start addressing who takes over chairmanship in 2026 after Malaysia’s turn.

On The Beat

Clean up act

A southern state is tackling a problem that’s not endemic to its borders alone.

All the pieces matter

From May 13 to May 14

What matters the most is whether the ‘political project’ is a good scheme or not, and whether it will ultimately benefit the rakyat.

It's Just Politics

Fluid frenemy

What happens in Sabah politics will follow the ebb and flow of national politics.


Keep cool and stay safe

IT is roughly 33°C in many areas of Malaysia, with some rainfall in isolated places.

On The Line

Wise men learn more from fools than fools from the wise

WE have often been reminded time and again, that nothing can be accepted at face value on social media.


Juniper jubilation: KL's biggest gin and tonic event is back

The East Imperial Gin Jubilee is back to celebrate that most classic of highball gin drinks, the gin and tonic.

Tipsy Turvy

Mixed and match: A cocktail bar and a supper club work together on a unique menu

A unique collaboration between supper club Super Secret Social and cocktail bar Triptyk results in an eye-opening food and cocktail pairing.

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