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On The Beat

Comedy takes court

IF Bintulu Member of Parliament Datuk Seri Tiong Kin Seng intended to grab the headlines, then the Gabungan Parti Sarawak politician got what he wanted.

It's Just Politics

No real trump card for M’sia

JOE Biden trumped Donald Trump in the 2020 US presidential election.

The Star Says

Shining bright during this Festival of Lights

THIS festive week started with a ray of hope for these difficult times – the news that a Covid-19 vaccine with a 90% efficacy rate has been found. This was followed by further good news that the development of other Covid-19 vaccines is also making good progress, with another two or three on a similar brink of success.


Political frontrunners and dark horses eye top job

SENIOR Minister Datuk Seri Azmin Ali’s climb towards the top has not been without challenges.

Positive Parenting

Are you giving your kids the childhood they deserve

Enriching your child’s life is a good thing but packing in activities can take a toll on him.

On Your Side

The year of living dangerously

The past eight months have brought many changes to our lives due to Covid-19 and for sure many of us can’t wait to get back to doing the simple things in life.

Health With Perdana

Here's how to deal with your teenage daughter

With empathy and knowledge, parents can help girls navigate the challenges they face in adolescence.

One Man's Meat

We all have an inner Trump

Am I a closet Donald Trump supporter?

Along The Watchtower

Deep rift remains after US elections

IT’S been a week since the United States’ presidential election and all the major media networks have named Democrat Joe Biden as the winner, claiming he had won 290 electoral votes against incumbent Donald Trump’s 214. But as the popular saying in the country goes, the fat lady is yet to sing.

All the pieces matter

Institutional resilience: A tale of America and Malaysia

The writer compares some key institutional characteristics of American and Malaysian democracy, and the … Deep State?!!

The Doctor Says

Is the confidentiality of a patient's personal information protected?

What kind of health information can be shared with the public without the individual’s permission?

Over the Top

Emphasising arts to save our future

IN today’s column I will attempt to argue that one way we can support nationhood is to reposition the arts as what they truly are: an endeavour of self-discovery, experience and cultural sharing, and a road towards intuitive creation.

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