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Over the Top

Need for the great unboxing

Only when we realise that our minds are trapped in narrow boxes of half truths and untruths can we step out and truly appreciate all creations.

SEARCH Scholar Series

Green energy: A move towards environment sustainability

GREEN energy is an alternative energy that utilises the power of unlimited natural resources, such as solar, wind, wave power, geothermal and biomass, to generate power for our usage.

The Bowerbird Writes

Whither the Malay identity

A FAMOUS entertainer, some years before her demise, requested that newspapers and TV stations not use any photos or visuals without her wearing the tudung (hijab). Those were her jahiliah (ignorant) days, she had said. She was not alone. Many Muslim ladies today dread their earlier photos without the tudung to be posted even among family WhatsApp groups.


A Malay tsunami in Melaka

THE dust has yet to settle from the Melaka election but it seems like a Malay tsunami rolled through the state on Saturday (Nov 20) night.

Putting Dr G On The Spot

HPV: Mankind not too kind to men

Dr. G is often put on the spot for his view regarding Gender Neutral Vaccination of HPV. In the spirit of International Men’s Day, his opinion is: “If the virus does not discriminate infecting both genders, why should we when it comes to HPV vaccination?”

All the pieces matter

Don’t repeat Covid-19 mistakes

At this critical juncture where trends are reversing, the Prime Minister and Health Minister must not repeat the mistakes of their predecessors.

It's Just Politics

Sabah has a shuttler in its corner

Why a Penang ‘rock star’ will be promoting the Land Beneath the Wind.

The Star Says

Booster shots vital in reducing infectivity rate

THIS week’s big discussion is whether people should or shouldn’t take the Covid-19 booster shot.

On The Beat

PAS’ plural poser

Malaysia’s diversity is an asset. We musn’t allow narrow-minded interpretations of religion to be imposed on others.


Political drought ends for Barisan

The stunning victory in Melaka was beyond what Barisan Nasional leaders dared to dream of but it shows that the coalition is still formidable when it works as a team.


Melaka Polls: Spotlight on 'King' and 'Queen' of Tanjung Bidara

THE stakes in the high-profile seat of Tanjung Bidara have shot up.

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