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Two Fit

Swing those arms to get your blood flowing and help your immune system!

This low-intensity exercise, believed to help improve circulation and flush the lymphatic system, is really easy to do.

On Your Side

Let’s get it right

There are more questions than answers on the government’s move to implement targeted subsidies.


City needs to move beyond cars

ONE of my favourite places in Singapore to visit on a day trip is Haji Lane, mainly because of the street food there and


What's next after rainbow watches – Paddle Pop?

AN incident a couple of days ago escaped the attention of the national media, but Sabah's Daily Express reported it with an appropriate headline – "Comedian has the last laugh on PAS."

Along The Watchtower

Will Pita become next Thai PM?

Under the country’s democracy system, the winner of last week’s polls need endorsement of 66 more MPs – from other parties and the military-appointed senate, which has 250 seats.

Pinang Points

Sharing water for all states

IT was a double whammy of sorts.

Over the Top

Make science understandable to all

AS an academician, I feel bored whenever the word “sustainability” is bandied about in university life. Mainly because we academicians are told that if you mention sustainability in your research, then it has more chances of being accepted and given grants.

A Winning Factor

Citizens prove solid game management is key to success

WITHOUT even kicking a ball, Manchester City were crowned champions last Saturday after the defeat of Arsenal to Nottingham Forest.

Women's World

When we have too little zinc

Although our body only needs a small amount of this mineral, not having enough can disrupt crucial functions and systems.


Dear Thelma: What shall I do with my freeloader husband?

He is not bothered to keep up with the household chores as promised. And he keeps spending more and more money from my account for his own hobby and enjoyment, in extravagance, causing us serious credit card debts.

Putting Dr G On The Spot

Herniating embarrassment in the sac

Dr G talks about hernia.

Beyond boundaries

The best way out

If the political and human rights crisis in Myanmar continues, Asean needs to start addressing who takes over chairmanship in 2026 after Malaysia’s turn.

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