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Bring in tougher laws for illegal gaming operators

IT’S time for the budget again.

SEARCH Scholar Series

A humanistic mindset to digitalisation

According to the human capital theory, investing in education has the potential to maximise economic growth and prosperity.

The Bowerbird Writes

Getting used to political instability

THERE are those who believe a general election could solve all our political woes – that we need one to decide once and for all to vote for the party or coalition to run the country.

Big Smile, No Teeth

Once upon a time ... someone told a story and captured the world

The power of a good story or a great raconteur is incalculable.

Across Spaces

Wisma Putra's focus for the coming year

IN LAST week's column, I explained the Foreign Ministry's five achievements from August 2021 to August 2022. Today, I outline the five focuses for the coming year, which are:


Dear Thelma: My girlfriend says she loves me but she's cheating on me

I knew about her guy best friend even before we started dating, and a few months into the relationship I came to know that he had feelings for her from before.


Helping cats be pals

Create scenarios where they are both happy together, and do it gently and over and over again, and they will become used to being friendly with each other.

Putting Dr G On The Spot

Pumping it up for a new breath of life

Dr George Lee shares some info about vacuum pump.


Katz Tales: Inkie’s secret war

There's a new normal in the household, where Target goes about his business and puts up graciously with Inkie shadowing him in worshipful awe.

On The Beat

Faux tales

FAKE news about Datuk Seri Najib Razak has shifted into overdrive even though he’s already incarcerated at Kajang Prison.

The Star Says

Celebrating our nation’s diversity

ON Friday, we will celebrate Malaysia Day.

It's Just Politics

Who’s willing to use his power?

It looks like when the 15th General Election will be called will come down to a battle of wills between just two men.

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