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Vital Signs

Is our healthcare system in crisis?

Is the reemergence of polio after decades and the sudden planned deregulation of doctors' fees an indication that our health system is starting to unravel?

Over the Top

Rebuild Malaysia from within

Instead of pinning our hopes on elected reps, who have often been disappointing, we ordinary Malaysians should work together to make the changes we want.

Colours of China

Xi’an’s underground kingdom

​​​​​​​CHINA is known for its speed. It built the world’s fastest bullet train and maglev train system, and developed 5G – the fastest mobile network.


Messy politics may hinder transition

WHAT a stormy weekend it has been for PKR.

The Bowerbird Writes

KL needs a plan to eradicate poverty

MOST Sundays, before joining my teh tarik buddies at a stall at Malayan Mansion, I will take a stroll along Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman, passing through Dataran Merdeka, walking near Masjid Negara until Taman Tasik Perdana and back.

Through Many Windows

Don’t give unwanted advice when you visit the sick

To visit or not to visit a friend or acquaintance in hospital is a very tricky decision to make.


Life (and death) in plastic

Breaking down the synthetic material: from bathroom shelves to wastelands.

Heart Talk

Lots to worry about, thanks to endless politicking

‘Don’t worry, be happy’ is not just working nowadays.

It's Just Politics

‘Pessimism abounds’ in the nation

A poll on how Malaysians think the Pakatan Harapan government is doing since it was voted in more than a year ago sends a strong signal that changes must be made, and quickly.

On The Beat

Walking the talk

It’s easy to extol the virtues of paving the way for younger voters, but we had better put our money where our mouth is when eight million of them hit the polling stations.


Communicating policy sustainably

MY interest in public policy has always focused on our national institutions: our democratic bodies, our checks and balances, our values and principles, and of course the broad topics of education, culture and the nurturing of our collective identity.