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The Star Says

Let’s stick to SOP as vaccination goes on

THE NATIONAL Covid-19 Immunisation Programme is scheduled to begin rolling out on Friday.

It's Just Politics

Star-crossed lovers or faithful forever?

With leadership struggles and uncertain loyalties, which political party will ally with which coalition or alliance is up in the sky.

All the pieces matter

Understanding arguments

What are we really fighting about?


Displays of wealth spell trouble for politicians

THERE were reports that Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor was in tears after the High Court decided she would have to defend the corruption charges against her.

On Your Side

Convincing the non-believers

RECENT news that Indonesia has made Covid-19 vaccination for its citizens compulsory has given rise to speculation that Malaysia could follow suit.

Tipsy Turvy

Some 'Japanese whiskies' can no longer be called Japanese whisky, according to new rules

The big news this week in the whisky world has been the new rules for the labelling of Japanese whiskies, which clearly define what is ‘Japanese whisky’.

Along The Watchtower

A crusade against corruption

THERE is no denying that the scourge of corruption has soaked into the fabric of our society. A recent survey by Transparency International-Malaysia (TI-M) found that corruption is rampant and set to get worse, according to the majority of Malaysians.


Don't ignore cancer in times of Covid-19

Although Covid-19 is the main medical emergency now, we need to remember that other diseases like cancer still need to be managed.

Over the Top

To help an ‘other’ is the real recipe for change

Just focus on helping one person a year, and the country will right itself in the most meaningful way possible.

The Bowerbird Writes

Journalists at the forefront

PRESIDENT Joko Widodo (Jokowi) of Indonesia has promised to allocate 5,000 vaccines as priority for those working in the media.

Colours of China

Reaching new heights amid pandemic

THE Year of the Rat was very challenging for China and Malaysia, no thanks to the threats of a new virus, the Covid-19.


Dear Thelma: Tired of being Mr Nice Guy and not getting the girl

This young man likes the girl who treats him as her go-to guy whenever she suffers a heartbreak, but now they aren't on speaking terms anymore.

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