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Tipsy Turvy

How Malaysia's best cocktail bars survived the pandemic

How five Malaysian bars in the Asia’s 50 Best Bars list survived the lockdown and what they are looking forward to next.


Is PM still tempted to go full term?

IT was the day the earth moved, yet, its anniversary has passed without fanfare.


Mask up and enjoy the show

SARAWAK can expect an influx of visitors soon, once international events that have been put on hold are rescheduled to take place.

Why Not?

Take a leaf out of Razak’s Green Book

Economic progress and cash may be great, but what good are they when there is little food on supermarket shelves?

Sports Box

A need for more quality in top sports, not just quantity in medals

MALAYSIA have met their gold target at the SEA Games but it will be scant consolation. We can only look on with envy as the little red dot down south looks set for a top three finish in the overall medals tally.

Two Fit

Doing squats the Asian way

It comes naturally to most of us, but many lose the flexibility of achieving this position as we grow older.


Malaysia is entering a serious food security conundrum

ARABLE land is defined by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) as land currently used, or potentially capable of being used, to grow seasonal crops.


Powerful lessons from Bosnia

“WHAT did you do for Bosnia, and why?”

Curious Cook

The dangers of being too reliant on monoculture and genetically modified food

The global population has become increasingly reliant on monocultures and genetically modified food.

Tell Me About

What happens when your liver fails

The liver performs many critical functions to keep us alive, so when it fails, it can be fatal.

So Aunty, So What?

Before we implode in chronic anger

JUST two weeks ago, I was feeling fine. If you caught my last column, I said I was in a celebratory mood. Well, my feel-good mood has evaporated. Instead, I feel vexed, anxious and unsettled over so many things.

Sunny Side Up

5 tips to help if you're struggling a little with mental health

If you're struggling with mental health, know that you're not alone and help is available.

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