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Over the Top

The story of a son of Malaysia

ON the eve of the historic date marking the formation of Malaysia, I want to share the story of a man who, to me, was a quintessential example of that generation of Malaysians who grew up before Sept 16,1963.

Colours of China

Dignity works for some, not others

Thousands resigned after inhumane treatment by seniors at a factory but the company has no problem hiring new ones.

The Bowerbird Writes

Veveonah, the unlikely game changer

There is an urgent need to address the digital divide between rural and urban areas.

Putting Dr G On The Spot

Saving Fertility by being a Private Banker

Sperm freezing is also medically known as sperm cryopreservation. This is the process of preserving fertility for future use, as the gamete is theoretically functional indefinitely after cryopreservation. The longest reported successful

Asian Editors Circle

Throwing the book

For someone who hates to read, Trump has inspired many authors.

Heart Talk

A new Brand Malaysia needed

Serious, honest rebranding is crucial to reshape the nation and stem the rise in racism and religious bigotry as politicians stick to a stale old style of politicking.

It's Just Politics

Perikatan on a collision course in Sabah polls

It’s set to be a ‘democrazy’ time in the Sabah state elections as many candidates are hit with surprise multi-cornered fights.

On The Beat

On a knife edge

Track records and predictability count for little in what could be the most turbulent state polls in Sabah’s history.

The Star Says

Reflect on history and diversity

THIS coming Wednesday is a public holiday to celebrate Malaysia Day.

Asian Editors Circle

An India in retreat has implications

Buffeted by Covid-19 and setbacks on multiple fronts, India is turning inwards, which is bad news for its South-east Asian neighbours.


An epic do-or-die battle for Shafie

DATUK Seri Mohd Shafie Apdal is about to fight the biggest battle in his political life.

Science, She Wrote

The Covid-19 Chronicles: Goldilocks and the 37 Vaccines

Creating an effective vaccine is complicated, and while we need to do it speedily, we can’t afford to compromise on safety either.

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