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No hopping, political financing next!

THE Constitutional (Amendment) (No 3) Bill 2022 – “the anti-hopping Bill” – is journeying through the Dewan Rakyat as I write.

Southern Reflections

Pressing need for seamless connectivity

GOOD Internet connectivity is of paramount importance as we move towards the work from home culture.


Does Zafrul need a crutch to win?

It is not wrong for the Finance Minister to contest anywhere he chooses, but some question if the ministry’s interest in Kuala Selangor is to spur its development.

So Aunty, So What?

The ‘maid’ joke was on me

To ensure that her domestic helper could go home and return safely, Aunty had to clear a stressful, frustrating and costly obstacle course that ultimately proved to be pointless.

Making Progress

Parliament should work without haste, but without rest

THE Dewan Rakyat is back in session. It's arguably been a long time since we've had a sitting like this, focused just on legislation.


Ruthless colonization Mat Kilau could not even imagine

The locally produced movie “Mat Kilau” has certainly made history by collecting record revenue for the Malaysian filmmaking industry in record time - pointing to a sensational viewership outreach.

SEARCH Scholar Series

The impact and development of Chinese education in Malaysia

DIPLOMATIC relations between China and Malaysia focus mainly on the areas of trade and economics. However, in recent times, education has become one of the fields where both countries are aiming to improve relations.

Reflecting On The Law

Enhancing Parliament’s efficacy

IN a commendable move, a multi-party Parliamentary Caucus was launched on July 20 by 13 prominent MPs to promote institutional reform of Parliament and facilitate public participation in the parliamentary process.

Putting Dr G On The Spot

Making every sperm count

Some tips to help make every sperm count.

Across Spaces

UM’s Hashim Sani Centre for Palestinian Studies will increase awareness on the Palestinian struggle

ON July 14, I was given the honour to launch the Hashim Sani Centre for Palestinian Studies at Universiti of Malaya.

It's Just Politics

The Sulu case is not a political football

Politicians on both sides of the divide need to stop trying to score points by exploiting what is a serious legal matter.

On The Beat

Don’t get taken in

Malaysia isn’t about to become the next Sri Lanka. Don’t believe everything you see on social media.

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