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On The Line

Time to purify the murky waters of Malaysian diving

IT was exactly 20 years ago that Bryan Nickson Lomas was interviewed by the renowned Time magazine in a city steeped in Olympic tradition.

The Star Says

Keeping our children safe online

CHILDREN nowadays seem to be born with the ability to use computers – all forms of digital tech, really.


Drama behind former strongman's decline

THE sun has long set on the political career of Tun Taib Mahmud but who could have imagined that the final stage of the former Sarawak governor and chief minister's life journey would be playing out publicly in such a dramatic fashion?


Alliances relying on family ties

THERE’S a parallel between the results of Wednesday’s Indonesian presidential election and the presidential polls in the Philippines in May 2022.

Sports Box

The ang pow we want from athletes – their best effort

WHEN I was younger, I used to joke that I was eligible to receive ang pow from my married Chinese friends. In fact, I still go around asking for the red packets, just for the fun of it. After all, I am still single.


When time is stolen from night

WE are now living in a 24-hour society where most activities can be carried out at any time without restrictions, mostly thanks to technology.

On Your Side

A stretch too far

The process of obtaining the Unesco World Heritage Site status is a lengthy and complicated one.


A battle for love and legacy

ABOUT 202 million voters in Indonesia, the third most populous electoral democracy in the world, go to the polls today.

It's Just Politics

Indonesian presidential polls too close to call

About 202 million voters in Indonesia, the third most populous electoral democracy in the world, go to the polls tomorrow.

A Winning Factor

This Premier League season is going the distance!

PUT ON “Going the Distance” by Bill Conti as this season is definitely going the distance for every subplot imaginable.

Over the Top

Appreciating the ‘flower’ of democracy

THERE’S a Malay saying that goes like this: “Seperti kera mendapat bunga”. Literally, it translates as “like a monkey getting a flower”.

On The Line

Khalid and Azraai – non-conformists who punched above their weight

LITTLE did I realise the five-minute conversation with Khalid Ali at the University Malaya Medical Centre a week ago was to be the final farewell.

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