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The Star Says

Check before you forward!

IF someone had been visiting Malaysia for the first time in the last two or three weeks, we wouldn’t blame them for thinking Malaysia is the kidnap capital of the world.


Cold ground ahead of polls

THESE days, the Prime Minister is hardly able to turn a corner without someone asking the “election question”.

Sports Box

Let’s book ’em! It’s time to tell the stories of our stars

WHEN are you going to write a book about me?

On The Line

Handle unpolished gems with care so that they’ll be our future diamonds

KARL Gunter Lange, a track and field specialist from Germany, issued a warning to the Malaysian powers-that-be almost 30 years ago on the dangers of early burnout for budding athletes in athletics.

On Your Side

Fraud is a billion-ringgit business

A FRIEND sent me a screencap of a WhatsApp message purportedly from “Star Media managers” offering jobs with a monthly salary ranging from RM1,500 to RM24,000.

Southern Reflections

Use proper complaint channels

LAST July, I received a call for help to highlight issues at a people’s housing project (PPR) in Johor.


How will the tide roll in GE15?

THE Prime Minister has once again ignited a frenzied guessing game over when GE15 will be held, saying he hasn’t had any inspiration when to dissolve Parliament.

SEARCH Scholar Series

BRI strengthens Malaysia and China’s economic cooperation

MALAYSIA and China have evolved through many remarkable economic achievements through their relationship, which started in the 1970s and has existed for more than 47 years.

A Winning Factor

Roaring South Americans set to silence whimpering Three Kittens

THE World Cup in Qatar is eight weeks or 57 days away.

Over the Top

Wonders of a virtual campus

Imagine getting an education in a borderless world where the wisdom of experts from everywhere can be accessed easily.


No easy battle ahead for Pejuang

Malaysians now looking for a new narrative of diversity and inclusiveness, not just Malay unity.

Pinang Points

Smaller towns abundant in fresh seafood harvest

It’s best to journey outside Klang Valley to source for culinary gems.

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