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A hollow win for Tamil schools?

The Federal Court has declared that vernacular schools are here to stay. That’s good news for Chinese schools, despite the declining birth rate. But it’s a different story for Tamil schools.


Uphill journey for reforms

Just like cycling on hilly terrain, without determination and extra effort, it is possible to slide back down on the path to change.


Taib’s career was unparalleled, distinguished and also controversial

TUN Abdul Taib Mahmud did not lose his patrician good looks nor his signature "smiling tiger" grin even as he began to falter in his role as governor of Sarawak.

So Aunty, So What?

To all the books I loved before, part 2

MY staircase is getting “booked” again. This time, I’ve taken space on all the steps where I have stacked bundled books that I am giving up for good.

Pinang Points

Caught in the bustle of a city of millions

YOU cannot miss a Malaysian walking on the streets of Bangkok. They are so apologetic and considerate.

A Winning Factor

Chelsea’s resilience, Liverpool’s triumph and Arsenal’s brilliance

AWAY from home and at the Etihad, one would expect Chelsea to fold like they did at Anfield,

SEARCH Scholar Series

Adopting smart technology in urban development

SMART technology has become a cornerstone of development in modern cities. Both Malaysia and China have been actively working on developing smart city initiatives to enhance urban living, improve efficiency and foster sustainable development.

Putting Dr G On The Spot

Fruitless paternal dragon dreams

Dear Dr G, We are a thirty-year-old couple who are deeply troubled by our fertility issues.

Beyond boundaries

A new Asean post 2025?

A vision is being prepared for the region which is expected to last for 20 years, and which will be launched in 2025 under Malaysia’s chairmanship.

On The Beat

Quality, not quantity

Instead of angling for new accolades, let’s rejuvenate our existing assets.

It's Just Politics

Hardliner or cute uncle?

Softening his image might have been the genius move that has won this man Indonesia’s presidency.


An election unlike any other

For anyone outside Indonesia, it is surreal to hear that the result of the presidential election was announced by pollsters and not the official governing body.

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