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Flooded by rumours and speculation

THE wait is almost over. A top Umno leader put it this way: "If this is the 100m sprint, we are at the last 2m." Dare we guess that it means that Parliament could be dissolved by Monday (Oct 10)?

Why Not?

Questionable questions kids face

Those learned professors who set questions for our tertiary students should focus instead on things they should really be criticising.


River walk, city’s best-kept secret

STRANGE tales about Sungai Melaka were shared with me when I told people that I was walking along the river as part of my fitness regime.

Sports Box

Bigger budget allocation offers no huge relief for elite sports

IT’S a prudent budget allocation for 2023 as the government tries to balance the needs of the sports community against the effects of a shrinking economy.


Questions of leadership

TRAVEL throughout September saw aspects of leadership being repeated­ly contemplated.

On The Line

The day a future King of Malaysia came to our rescue

THE tragic stampede in Malang, Indonesia, brought back mixed memories for me personally to the day when a small group of sports journalists survived a harrowing incident in Hong Kong.

So Aunty, So What?

Hope in humanity’s goodness

IN toxic times like the present, don’t you wish to see something positive, healing, selfless and truly heroic?

SEARCH Scholar Series

Is sustainable HR management humanistic?

THE goal of sustainable development, known as the “triple bottom line”, which seeks to balance the needs of society and the environment with financial considerations, has given rise to the field of environmental management.

Reflecting On The Law

Approaches to law reform

The task of reforming is so massive that no one institution can handle it single-handedly.

Putting Dr G On The Spot

Pink attitude for male breast cancer

I understand the month of October is generally dedicated to breast cancer awareness and as such I am curious as to whether or not the public is aware that breast cancer can also affect men.

On The Beat

When fake goes mainstream

In today’s fast-paced news world, there are still ways to separate the wheat from the chaff.

It's Just Politics

Telling herstory

The country’s sole woman to currently lead a political party explains her motivations and actions that got her into this unique position.

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