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On Your Side

A proud Malaysian icon in London

AS the strains of Wau Bulan filled the chilly evening sky, many of the Malaysians present at the long-awaited launch of the Battersea Power Station were visibly moved.

Making Progress

So, it's election time for Malaysians

AFTER much wrangling, dealing, arm-twisting and debates, it is decided that we will head to the polls.

Along The Watchtower

Our dubious honour in wildlife crimes

WILDLIFE smuggling is now the fourth largest transnational organised crime, after drugs, weapons and human trafficking, and Malaysia is gaining infamy for being a key hub in the network.

Over the Top

Listen to this voice of moderation

Allow the words of a man of conscience to drown out the bigotry and extremism of toxic narratives put forward by those looking only for power.

A Winning Factor

Klopp’s stubborn loyalty to his players could cost him his job

LIVERPOOL fans might be in denial, but this could be the end of an era.

SEARCH Scholar Series

An opportunity to fix the brain drain?

BRAIN drain, or human capital flight, refers to the emigration of Malaysians who have received advanced training at home.

The Bowerbird Writes

Life dedicated to service

THE country’s 15th General Election will showcase candidates vying for the coveted 222 spots in Dewan Rakyat. More will be contesting for state seats with the exception of Sarawak, Melaka and Johor, or other states that have decided not to dissolve the state assemblies.

Putting Dr G On The Spot

Getting the troubling moobs off the chest

Dear Dr. G, In the spirit of Pink October, I am hoping to get troubling matters off my chest.

On The Beat

On tenterhooks

THE 15th General Election, which must be held by Sept 16 next year, has become the most difficult one to predict. Currently, its date is just a stab in the dark.

It's Just Politics

Rumour has it

“The talk is Budget 2023 will not be tabled and Parliament will be dissolved on Thursday,” was the often repeated rumour earlier this week.

Beyond boundaries

What is next for Batu Puteh?

The public has the right to know if the government’s move to review the judgement that handed Batu Puteh to Singapore is helpful for Malaysia to reclaim its sovereignty after a 10-year lapse.

The Star Says

Budget 2023: Expansionary but still responsible

ONCE again, it’s the largest ever budget in Malaysia’s history: At RM372.3bil, Budget 2023 surpasses Budget 2022, which previously held that distinction with RM332.1bil.

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