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Over the Top

Improve with immersive language experiences

The columnist offers ideas on how to improve and increase the use of Bahasa Malaysia in vernacular and private schools.

SEARCH Scholar Series

Digital transformation meets sustainability: The rise of digital-ESG strategies

Digitalisation and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) considerations stand as two paramount pillars shaping the trajectory of countries and organisations on a global scale. As companies pivot towards a more ESG-centric approach, the role of digitalisation emerges as a key driver of sustainable business practices. The ongoing evolution of digital transformation, marked by the advent of Digital Transformation 2.0, not only seeks advantageous business outcomes but also actively contributes to ESG initiatives.

Putting Dr G On The Spot

A reversal for a fortunate Year of the Dragon

Dear Dr G, I am a man in my mid-forties and my wife is three years younger than me.

On The Beat

Simply sacred

Our Federal Constitution exists to protect all Malaysians, and no one rises above it.

It's Just Politics

The future’s bright for Indonesia

While critics complain about nepotism and irregularities in Indonesia’s recent presidential election, investors are happy with the continuity and stability.


Faith in justice

The Federal civil and criminal courts may not be perfect, but we have a running chance at being dealt with justly should we come before them, says the writer.

On The Line

Unenviable task for whoever succeeds Arul

THERE was a time when Malaysian hockey gave us hope. A few times, in fact.

The Star Says

Council must ensure true press freedom

ON Wednesday, the Cabinet approved the Malaysian Media Council Bill. The plan is to table it in Parliament in June.

Through Many Windows

A call to action amid global suffering

It is incumbent upon us, as members of the global community, to recognise our privilege and leverage it for the betterment of those less fortunate, says the writer.


Bumi gathering must be more than talking shop

The opinion out there is that the Bumiputera Economic Congress next week needs to produce meaningful results and not just optics to shore up Malay support.


Review the use of firecrackers

HAS the legalisation of fireworks and firecrackers gotten out of hand?

Sports Box

A cry for help, a roar of success – we have to listen

BERTRAND Rhodict is just 18, and he became one of the first athletes to qualify for the Paris Olympic Games. It was something to shout about.

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