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Subsidies not meant to be a long-term measure, market forces do have a role

THERE was consternation on the part of the government before the Goods and Services Tax (GST) was introduced.


Lessons from Cox’s Bazar

DHAKA’S congestion does take some getting used to, but my return earlier this month was even more educational than my trip in March 2023, when I launched the UCSI University Bangladesh campus.


50 years of enduring Malaysia-China friendship

THERE is profound significance as Malaysia and China celebrate the 50th anniversary of their diplomatic ties this week, marking a special friendship between the two nations.


Setting sights on future growth

FIFTY years to the day, the milestone that heralded a strong and lasting bond between Malaysia and China was remembered with much warmth, pride and gratitude by the leaders of both nations.

Southern Reflections

Reintroduce workable initiatives

IN the past few weeks, both the Federal and Johor governments have talked about eradicating poverty or reducing the number of people living in hardship.

What's Your Status?

Guiding our students: Lessons from recent events

THE recent protests by UiTM students, calling for the university to reject a proposal to open up temporarily the institution's cardiothoracic surgery programme to non-Bumiputras, struck a chord among Malaysians.

So Aunty, So What?

Time to keep the seat belt sign on

IF you are afraid of flying, your fear quotient must have shot up after the recent incidents of severe turbulence hitting two flights – Singapore Airlines SQ321 on May 21 and Qatar Airways QR017 on May 26 – resulting in one fatality and many injuries, some critical.


Gearing up for grand finale

BEIJING: The Malaysian embassy here is buzzing with activity as staff members rush to put the final touches on preparations for the 50th anniversary of Malaysia-China bilateral ties.

On The Line

A mixed bag of emotions for sepak takraw and badminton protagonists

TWO indoor stadia located 20 kilometres of each other were packed to the rafters over the weekend as the main protagonists gave Malaysian sports fans a mixed bag of emotions.

A Winning Factor

Ten Hag’s tactical triumph – a Solskjaer-style victory in FA Cup final

CONGRATULATIONS to Manchester United for defying the odds by beating Manchester City to win the FA Cup.

Pinang Points

How turtles reduce threat from jellyfish

JELLYFISH bobbing around Penang Island must seem like a delectable treat for the green sea turtle or penyu agar.

SEARCH Scholar Series

Digital finance and its impact on financial literacy

FINANCIAL literacy refers to the ability of individuals to manage personal finances effectively and achieve their goals.

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