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A Winning Factor

Klopp-Guardiola tactical duels always a masterclass

THE power among the top four in the Premier League could change at the end of this season with the resurgence of Arsenal and Manchester United. However, Liverpool and Manchester City are still the league’s must-watch fixtures.

SEARCH Scholar Series

Being humanistic toward an ageing society

The phenomenon of an ageing society has been studied in scholarly literature and this field of study is known as gerontology.


Election manifestos: What Malaysians hope to see

FOR a multi-racial country like Malaysia and in a healthy democracy, an election manifesto of political parties serves as an indicator of commitment made by party to voters. It helps the people to make informed choices about which party to vote, whom to vote for and whom not to.

Putting Dr G On The Spot

Man bemoans mystery pain in moobs

Dear Dr. G, I am a man in my sixties and I started having strange sensations in my chest about a year ago.

It's Just Politics

What’s happening in the rural heartland

“FOR us, banjir (flood) is normal. Flood or no flood, we will go out to vote,” a 40something man told me when I chatted with him at a nasi lemak stall in Jerantut town in Pahang.

The Star Says

Be prepared to face high water

MALAYSIA has entered the monsoon transition phase, which will last until the end of November.

On The Beat

Respect and tolerance

POLITICS has become the mainstay of the media ahead of the general election, but there were two important announcements made by the Sultan of Selangor, towards which most politicians would conveniently cast a blind eye.


GE15: An election like no other

IT HAS been such a crazy couple of weeks in politics.


Shah Alam Stadium has had its day

THE announcement that the Shah Alam Sports Complex (SASC) is being rebuilt did not come as a big surprise but was still a hard pill to swallow for many who have fond memories of the facility.

Sports Box

Congrats JDT, now let’s hope the others can take them on

WHEN Johor Darul Ta’zim (JDT) confirmed their ninth consecutive Super League title two weeks ago, a friend of mine paraphrased English legend Gary Lineker, complete with a Malaysian twang.

The Millenial Unrest

A chance to shape the country’s future

THE closer we get to the elections, the more anticipation builds.

On The Line

Reaching Under-17 Asian Cup a miniature victory in road to 2030

CONGRATULATIONS are in order for the national football Under-16 side for having earned a ticket to the AFC Asian Cup Under-17 tournament next year after a successful qualifying campaign in Indonesia.

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