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A fight between MB and ex-MB

So much is at stake in the rantau by-election and the outcome could determine the life or death – politically speaking – of the main political players.

Putting Dr G On The Spot

The blue pill turns 21

It celebrates 21 years of shaping 'diamond moments' for couples in their bedrooms.

On The Beat

When the going gets tough ...

It’s trying times for the Barisan Nasional, but to become a strong opposition and represent a multi-racial Malaysia, the coalition needs to remain intact.

Colours of China

No more faking it here

THERE is a joke which I came across many years ago of a Chinese man who upon being fired by his company, decided to start his own business.

It's Just Politics

A poll to end all coups?

IF the Thai polls are a 750m race, Phalang Pracharat (military junta proxy party) starts at 250m while Pheu Thai (Thaksin Shinawatra’s party) starts at 0m.

One Man's Meat

Wanted: Compassionate leaders

IT IS a case which can be best described as the insensitivity of a state leader.