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Rumblings on the Malay ground

A strange wind is blowing through Semenyih.

Why You Like That Wan

In the tussle for Malay votes, PAS' trump card grows bigger

It was the Watergate expose, of how a United States president knowingly lied about clandestine activities by his party that sank the Nixon administration in the 70's.

Along The Watchtower

Crooked judges must be exposed

AS the ultimate bastion of justice, an impartial and incorrupt judiciary is crucial for maintaining the rule of law.

Putting Dr G On The Spot

Hard times getting stiff

ED is a common sexual disorder. It is more prevalent in men with advancing age and deteriorating health. The lack of rigidity can also affect younger and healthy men.

The Bowerbird Writes

EAC must not fail

THE Economic Action Council (EAC) was set up out of necessity, and not because the ministers are incompetent. On this matter, Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad had to publicly counter the views of his no-nonsense media and communication adviser Datuk A. Kadir Jasin.