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One Man's Meat

Why are we so obsessed with titles?

IF you are a politician and you need to defend your acceptance of a Datukship, here are excuses you can give.

Why You Like That Wan

The bathtub brouhaha and what it says about us

I THINK my editor was a little hesitant about the topic I chose for my first column. "It's a very contentious issue," he warned.


Calculating the theorem of ‘Paskal’

This is not just a propaganda tool, but an inspirational movie that benefits from fine acting and creative direction.

So Aunty, So What?

Will the real Rosmah Mansor please stand up?

She has been thoroughly pilloried in the public court of opinion for her shocking extravagance and vanity. But is there more to her than that?

On Your Side

A lot of hot air over smoking

If the price increase of cigarettes has a negligible impact, it will be interesting to see what kind of impact the no-smoking ban will have.

Law For Everyone

Keep the Sedition Act!

The repeal of the Sedition Act should not be rushed into, it should either be amended or replaced by another Act.