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So close, yet so hard to read

What is happening? This is supposed to be the mother of all elections, yet the average person seems disinterested in what is going on in politics while there are people talking about not voting or spoiling their vote.

On The Beat

Telling fact from fiction

Malaysians can be a gullible lot when it comes to news on the Internet. If these falsehoods are not kept in check, the consequences could be dire.

One Man's Meat

Always on time and on the ground

IT was a hot Monday morning in Johor Jaya, a suburb of the Pasir Gudang parliamentary constituency.

Putting Dr G On The Spot

Fail-proof vasectomies?

I am pregnant but my partner says he had the snip.

On Your Side

The deadly toll of unused toll plazas

Accidents are likely to happen as long as motorists speed through the tight lanes.


Helping rape survivors get justice

IN A scene in the fifth episode of Season 6 of the hugely popular HBO series, Game of Thrones, the character Sansa Stark captures the essence of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) when describing her repeated rape at the hands of her husband, Ramsay Bolton.