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Putting Dr G On The Spot

Mindful abstinence can enhance relationships

Dr G says temporarily refraining from sex can lead to eager anticipation

It's Just Politics

Small or big, it’s still a raging storm

IS the Education Minister Dr Maszlee Malik’s recent controversial remark a storm in a teacup? Or, as a DAP politician stated, a storm raging and dividing Pakatan Harapan?

The Star Says

For Nicol, the ‘Endgame’ is just not here yet

THE Avengers had the Endgame. Malaysia’s squash adventurer Nicol David (pic) had her last competitive game too – at the prestigious British Open on May 21.


Of protests and rubber pellets

The aftermath of Indonesia’s elections saw a peaceful protest turn chaotic riot.

On The Beat

Pride and prejudice

An Asian nation’s ascent to the top of the economic hill is causing a global superpower to quake in its boots.


Getting the ‘right sort’ of education

Education, done the right way, opens up your mind to the vast expanse of the universe and the limitless knowledge within it.

One Man's Meat

When a PTPTN U-turn is okay

There is nothing wrong with emulating Barisan’s way of collecting debt, if it works.


Cooling political dragonfire

Drawing parallels from medieval fantasy television epic to real life, especially in politics.

All the pieces matter

Sound and fury: What was Game of Thrones ultimately about?

Game of Thrones turned out to be much, much less than the sum of its parts - a rushed, unwitting homage to Seinfeldesque nihilism.

Reflecting On The Law

High hopes that reforms will continue

THOUGH Tan Sri Richard Malanjum retired as Chief Justice of the Federal Court on April 12, the tributes are still pouring in.

So Aunty, So What?

In need of courageous leadership

THAT’S it. I am joining the chorus calling for a new education minister. Dr Maszlee Malik’s latest foot-in-the-mouth is the last straw for me.

All the pieces matter

Maszlee and the return of dangerous political fault lines

I RECALL the parable where a group of blind men were asked to describe an elephant. Each blind man touched a different part of the elephant, and thus each described something completely different – none of them succeeding in providing an accurate description.