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One Man's Meat

The perils of pregnancy as a refugee

Women and medical personnel face mounting challenges in a chaotic camp for displaced Rohingya.

Reflecting On The Law

Proposals for parliamentary reforms

IN the post GE14 milieu, freedom is in the air and many citizens are demanding reforms to our system of governance. Out of the hundreds of proposals that have been submitted, some relate to improving the institutional efficacy of our elected legislature.

Behind The Cage

Otter-ly worrying exotic pet trade

OTTERS are cute and furry. They are also mini Internet sensations. Even actor Benedict Cumberbatch is known to make otter-like facial expressions!

Making Progress

Learning the ropes

I returned from the United Kingdom after a short break and my call to the Bar in October 2008. My call to the English Bar will always be memorable for two reasons. The first reason is that it happened on my father's birthday of Oct 9, and the second is that it was held in the Temple Church that was made famous by the Da Vinci Code.


Selection of MB mired in high drama

UNLIKE his predecessors, Datuk Seri Azmin Ali does not seem to have suffered any political calamity from helming the Selangor Mentri Besar position but has instead moved on to greener pastures as Economic Affairs Minister in the Federal Government.

Brave New World

We need a credible opposition

It may be too early to come to any conclusions, but I am wondering when we are going to get a proper opposition in Malaysia.

Colours of China

Bringing life back to the Yangtze River

THE Yangtze River, known as Chang Jiang (long river) in Mandarin, is China’s longest river and third longest in the world.

Global Trends

Tackling GLCs – the good, bad and ugly

GOVERNMENT-linked companies (GLCs) have become a hot topic because of the scandals linked to 1MDB, the Felda group and other enterprises which politicians of the old order have abused, causing the public to lose billions of ringgit.

Putting Dr G On The Spot

Sexual guide to fatherhood

How often should one have sex to increase the chances of pregnancy?

On The Beat

Looking East with a twist

Japan may have led Malaysia’s Look East policy of yore, but the stakes are heavily tipped in China’s favour now as the leader of the new world order.

The Star Says

Let’s hear it for the boys

WE live in a special time, when we are fortunate enough to see fathers rising to the challenge of being better dads, modern parents, free from the stereotypes of yesteryear and more interested in making genuine connections with their sons and daughters.

On Your Side

That world of the World Cup returns

For once every four years, planet Earth will revolve around a ball and most of our routine life will be eclipsed. May the best team win.