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Ministers edgy over shake-up

A reshuffle of the Cabinet has been rather overdue but a mere tweak here and there would be meaningless when what is needed is a ‘transition Cabinet’.

On The Beat

Plural Malaysia is an asset

No amount of racial and religious rancour is going to unsettle Malaysians born and bred here, because the love for our nation is inclusive and pure.

All the pieces matter

RM33 a day for a family of four - Is that not poverty?

Did some foreigner do more to understand poverty in Malaysia in 11 days, than a minister has in a year?

One Man's Meat

Unearthing hidden potential

Opportunity has come knocking for Sabahans working in the Klang Valley to show their entrepreneurial side.

On Your Side

Proud to be Anak Malaysia

Let’s drown out the voices of extremism because it it time for all Malaysians
to value and cherish the Jalur Gemilang.

Vital Signs

Budget 2020: Dear Health Ministry, here’s how to spend your money

IN previous columns, we’ve already built a realistic funding mechanism that guarantees a predictable, generous and gradually increasing sum to the Health Ministry (MOH).


Occupation of Kashmir will spawn great and intense power rivalry

THE world is familiar with both World War I and World War II – a military free for all, with the exception of Latin America, parts of Africa and Switzerland, which declared total neutrality.

Along The Watchtower

The sorry state of our unity

IN 10 days, we will mark our 62nd year of Merdeka but unlike last year when elation was in the air with a new government in Putrajaya, the prevailing mood is one of melancholy.

The Bowerbird Writes

A need for ‘compassionate banking’

An environment lacking in compassion is not good for business and the country in the long run. Business is also about humanity.

Colours of China

Not ‘the happiest place on Earth’

Visitors to Shanghai Disneyland are venting their frustration over being forced to pay for overpriced food and drinks.