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Along The Watchtower

Questions over coastal corridor

IT’S a mega project touted to lure in RM100bil of investments over the next 15 years and has been flaunted as a “game changer”, but locals are more wary than thrilled about the Melaka Waterfront Economic Zone (M-WEZ).

The Doctor Says

Just washing your hands properly can save lives

As the body part that most frequently touches other objects, our hands are the most vulnerable to picking up infectious organisms.

Big Smile, No Teeth

Big Smile, No Teeth: If we don’t vaccinate we’ll never be done with Covid-19

Shrug off the vaccine today and you could die of seasonal Covid-19 as a senior citizen a half century from now.

Over the Top

New ideas for education

We need an education system that will produce a new generation of students and graduates who value differences and possess questioning minds.

Curious Cook

Curious Cook: Diets before the pandemic

While the Covid-19 global pandemic has altered life expectancy in some countries, pre-pandemic diets have a much larger impact on life spans and quality of life.

The Bowerbird Writes

All quiet in the kampung

As Malaysians celebrate Hari Raya this week, the balik kampung tradition will have to be given a miss again. However, our thoughts can still carry us home.

Colours of China

Down the drain for their ‘idol’

A popular Chinese talent competition was suspended after the voting system led to crazed fans wasting yoghurt drinks.


Dear Thelma: Since my mum died, I’ve been a mess

This woman confides in Thelma how her mother's recent passing has affected her state of mind and emotions. Also, she is facing some problems in her marriage.


Katz Tales: Beware of snakes in the neighbourhood - one killed my cat

Our columnist remembers her sweet, loving, stubborn and nervy feline Swooner.

Putting Dr G On The Spot

Thinning hair and an inability to rise to the occasion

Greetings on Mother’s Day. I would like to take this opportunity to wish my wife and all your readers a safe and Wonderful Mothering Sunday.

The Star Says

In the spirit of the season, act together to curb virus

MUSLIMS in Malaysia and all around the world will celebrate Hari Raya Aidilfitri in the coming week, marking a triumph in overcoming desires and practising restraint during the holy month of Ramadan.

It's Just Politics

‘Big brother’ politics

When siblings fight, a big brother can have a huge influence on the outcome.

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