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On Your Side

Make technology giants pay!

ALPHABET, the parent company of Google, posted a first-quarter revenue of nearly US$70bil (RM322bil). Meta, the company that runs Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, posted a revenue of almost US$30bil (RM138bil) in the same period.

On The Line

Azizul’s audacity is part of his winning package

IN his astonishing cycling career so far, two incidents define Azizulhasni Awang’s winning mentality - the horrific injury he sustained in Manchester in 2011 and being back on the pedal so soon after an open-heart surgery last year.

Tell Me About

Are you a resilient person?

Resilience is a state of mind that is instrumental in how you face and deal with life’s challenges.

Matters of the Mind

Involving the community when it comes to suicide prevention

We can all play our role in lending a ear and providing support to those thinking of ending their lives.


Littoral ships must sail on time

THE controversial Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) project, now reduced by one ship to five and at a higher cost, remains in stormy waters.

Over the Top

Reading your way towards change

THE power to change for the better always lies within the individual if he or she knows in which direction to change. That’s where reading books comes in. Permanent and meaningful change can come from a personal dialogue between the reader and an author who has decades of wisdom to share.

Pinang Points

A tale of two cities

THE George Town versus Ipoh contest of tourism appeal rolls on healthily, and players on both sides have been busy.


Litmus test for unity govt

TERENGGANU Pakatan Harapan chief Datuk Raja Kamal Bahrin Shah Raja Ahmad says he can sit down at a coffee shop with state Umno chief Datuk Seri Ahmad Said to discuss any issue openly.

Women's World

Yes, it's possible to get pregnant during your period

While many might think this is not possible, it can indeed happen if certain conditions are met.


His style of playing to the gallery

With an election on the horizon, Kedah MB has been inciting sentiments and prejudices with his uncalled for remarks.


Dear Thelma: He doesn't want to commit to a relationship, and I feel unfulfilled

He made it clear that he has no intention to get married. But the reason I stayed was because he was good to me and we had chemistry together; even my kid liked him.

Putting Dr G On The Spot

Pulling out concerns

Dear Dr G, My wife and I are in our mid-40s and have two teenage children. We don't intend to have any more kids and my wife has been on the pill to that effect. However, the pill seems to be causing more side effects in my wife as she gets older.

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