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SEARCH Scholar Series

Revitalising Malaysia's maritime industry through BRI cooperation

SINCE the heyday of the Straits of Malacca, where Malacca was a major transshipment port between India and China, the country has had a significant history of maritime trade.

Women's World

Lower your cancer risk by controlling these factors

Lifestyle and environmental factors can have a significant effect on cancer development.

On The Line

Free-to-air or pay TV to watch Malaysians in action at the Paris Olympics?

IN the ever-changing media landscape where one in 10 Gen Z sports fans use social media to consume content, the best minds representing industry leaders, including broadcasters, professional executives and marketers recently convened in Kuala Lumpur to deliberate on the evolution of the sports industry.


Malaysian brain drain: Voices echoing through research

Analysis of extensive empirical research on the Malaysian brain drain highlights a persistent and substantial issue spanning several decades.

Putting Dr G On The Spot

How does hernia affect one’s sexual health?

Men are 25 times more likely to have inguinal hernia than women.

It's Just Politics

The SLS challenge

Delving into the SLS judicial review on the state’s right to 40% of grant revenue requires a deeper read.

On The Beat

Just K.I.S.S.

In an era of digital disruptions and reduced attention span, everyone should learn this old journalistic adage: ‘Keep it short and simple’.

Through Many Windows

The rise of ‘denialism’ in Malaysia

The practice is a barrier to national unity, says the writer.


Umno and DAP - warm on top, cold below

TWO politicians from Umno and DAP have recently emerged as poster boys for the problematic relations between their respective parties.


Protect KL’s flood defences

“There are times, sir, when men of good conscience cannot blindly follow orders.”

Sports Box

Are we hiring untested diving coaches because top ones are not coming to our shore?

ARE the Malaysia Swimming Federation (MSF) doing the right thing by going for unproven club diving coaches?

Why Not?

Monkey business we don’t need

Orang utan, who share 97% of our DNA, are very like humans. They are not toys to be gifted to anyone. Instead, we should be working on giving them a better life in their natural habitat.

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