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High time to silence online bullies

Social media platform urged to curb harassment by monitoring live sessions in languages other than English or Malay

Why Not?

Plastics could be the end of us all

Malaysians are the world’s biggest consumers of plastics.

Sports Box

Of ugly outfits, rivalry and royal rumblings

IN Germany, players are battling on the football pitch for honour and glory for their country in the European Championships.

Positive Parenting

Things parents can do to manage their child's eczema at home

Here are some daily actions you can take to help control the allergic skin symptoms in your child.


A lesson in democracy

The current generation is much more aware of the fact that people disagree on things, and that there should be mechanisms to resolve differences peacefully.

Tell Me About

Bronchospasm could be the cause of your mysterious cough

A prolonged cough might be the result of your bronchi or bronchioles spasming.

Southern Reflections

Dark realities behind promise

Johor’s infrastructure woes cast shadow on development dreams.

So Aunty, So What?

Walking to save my life

There’s a proven method on how to do just that.

The Doctor Says

Clearing the confusion over the parallel pathway for medical specialists

Our columnist addresses the issues that have risen over how specialists are recognised and registered in Malaysia.

Pinang Points

Stop giving bogus monks money

GIVING money to Buddhist monks may cause them to commit an offence under their code of monastic discipline known as the Dhamma-Vinaya.

A Winning Factor

Rising young stars and dark horses keep one awake

THIS edition’s European Championships is turning out to be a tournament for the youth. Many expected the established stars to shine, but so far, the youth are taking centrestage in Germany.

SEARCH Scholar Series

Global Development Initiative puts TVET in the limelight

WHAT generally comes to mind when we mention Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) in Malaysia? A typical perception of it is a pathway suitable only for those who do not perform well academically, and it is seen as a less prestigious option than traditional academic education.

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