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Why Not?

Of empathy and religion

LAST Friday, hundreds of journalists gathered at the Majestic Hotel in Kuala Lumpur to fete the best among them. There were plenty of awards, good food and camaraderie. And the Prime Minister was in attendance.


A gem of an island

After a turbulent period, Sri Lanka is looking forward to political stability and economic growth.

So Aunty, So What?

Too late, there’s no escaping plastic

THE news just gets worse and worse. Already we are not in a good place with tensions and conflicts in various parts of the world, global boiling (which has replaced the previous term “warming”) and climate change, diminishing resources, nasty politicking coupled with greed and corruption everywhere, and social and economic upheavals – the list seems endless.


Comprehensive education reforms needed, says G25

PETALING JAYA: Comprehensive reforms in education are needed for all, says the civil society group G25.

Making Progress

What went wrong for Modi?

AS A close and interested observer of Indian politics, I watched the marathon election campaign unfold with much interest.

A Winning Factor

Euro 2024 closes in on England’s redemption and Italy’s defence

WE ARE three days away from Euro 2024 in Germany. Just when you thought you were going through withdrawal syndrome from the lack of football, the international tournament for European countries comes running in to give you the fix.

Pinang Points

A case of island mentality

As the debate rages about Penang hawker fare, perhaps it is time to reconsider our isolation.

SEARCH Scholar Series

Paving climate justice: China's GDI framework for inclusive development

In recent years, China's Global Development Initiative (GDI) has emerged as a formidable force in shaping international relations and fostering sustainable development.

Putting Dr G On The Spot

Can hypospadias affect one’s reproductive life?

Dear Dr G, My husband and I are reaching out to you during your focused month on pediatric urological conditions. We seek your insight on an issue concerning our newborn son.

On The Beat

Law and order

No one can act with impunity and expect to escape the consequences.

It's Just Politics

What the world needs now

Will artificial intelligence (AI) rule the world? Will algorithm biases shape our perceptions? Is Big Tech the evil empire?

On The Line

Understanding SAM’s role in registering the joys and agonies of Malaysian sports

THE Sportswriters Association of Malaysia (SAM) turned 55 in February.

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