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Stakes are high in these two polls

JOHOR BARU: Dispatch rider Mazwan Ali travelled almost 100km from Pontian to Pulai to attend a kenduri rakyat near his brother’s home in Pulai.

All the pieces matter

The Muda dilemma

SOME people in Muda will perhaps take offence at these words, but perhaps a few others may accept a sincere invitation to indulge (with no strings attached) in some food for thought.

A Winning Factor

There is no easy path for the ‘Big Six’ as fierce competition picks up pace

BY now, all the big clubs, including the so-called “Big Six”, should understand that there are no easy games in the Premier League.

Pinang Points

Superheroes steal show at polls

IMAGINE the thrill and excitement of seeing The Incredible Hulk and The Amazing Spider-Man at polling stations in the recent state elections.

SEARCH Scholar Series

Digital Silk Road: Bridging digital divides to produce digital dividends

AS the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) reaches its 10th anniversary, it is undeniable that this ambitious venture has come a long way since its inception.

Putting Dr G On The Spot

Don't blame it all on testosterone

Dear Dr G, I am 30 years' old and married with two kids.

On The Beat

Balancing act

Now that the dust has settled, the PM must do some fine-tuning for a smooth administration.

It's Just Politics

Low or high turnout?

This is why every vote counts. In the upcoming by-elections in Johor, it will all come down to which community turns out to vote in big numbers.


For a shiny, happy Malaysia

Most Malaysians want to be able to forget all of the noise and negativity and simply be happy, even if only temporarily, says the writer.

All the pieces matter

Discussing religion healthily

Practise patience and empathy before ‘jumping’ at one another.

Through Many Windows

Malaysia’s independence: Beyond mere liberation from colonisation

True independence demands more than just political sovereignty; it requires the liberation of minds, the uplifting of marginalised communities, and the preservation of cultural heritage.

On The Line

The sports commissioner – from the enforcer to the registrar

The Attorney General of Sports. The sheriff. The enforcer.These were some of the terms used to describe the role of the Sports Commissioner, which came into being after the Sports Development Act 1997 was established in January 1998.

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