QuickCheck: Is it true that peanut butter triggers acne?

PEANUT butter is a well-loved spread for most people, especially Malaysians. Be it a quick bite for breakfast or a pre- or post-workout snack, there are so many ways to enjoy this treat.

However, many seem to believe that peanut butter is responsible for an outburst of acne.



Although people think that peanut butter is the culprit, it’s only partially true.

This delicious spread contains a type of fatty acid, Omega-6, which is said to be responsible for acne flare-ups. Hence, the correlation between peanut butter consumption and acne.

As far as the myth goes, this complex unsaturated fatty acid is not skin-friendly, more so for people with acne-prone skin.

Another ingredient found in peanuts which made people skeptical is peanut agglutinin. It’s a form of (lectin) protein that can cause “leaky gut”, particularly when unprocessed food is absorbed into our bloodstream.

It’s said to set off autoimmune responses as our body sees it as a threat.

Peanuts contain a type of hormone, androgen, which can potentially trigger acne breakout due to increased production of oil in the skin. Androgens can cause clogged pores and inflammation when overconsumed.

Based on several studies, the way peanut butter is processed could be the reason behind some people’s worsened episodes of acne after consuming peanut butter.

Always opt for peanut butter that contains only natural ingredients, and make sure to avoid artificial ingredients like added sugar, hydrogenated oil and preservatives.

Regardless, this popular snack is packed with nutrients.

It’s much sought after for its reputation as a great protein source, making it a perfect snack before an exercise session or after a strenuous drill.

On top of protein, peanut butter promotes a healthy balance of blood sugar level. Nevertheless, moderate consumption is key!

Keep an eye out for foods that can cause acne breakouts like dairy products and artificial sugar (in processed food).


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