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The Star Says

Equip cops properly so they can work effectively

POLICE work in the real world isn’t like a TV show or movie, and hero cops don’t always recover from being shot.


Pakatan leaders facing backlash over Budget U-turn

THE coming week will be a demanding one for Pakatan Harapan leaders as they prepare to mount a fresh challenge to the Budget and repair their credibility.

On Your Side

High hopes for a brighter 2021

THE phrase “It’s darkest before the dawn” will resonate with many Malaysians as the end of the year approaches.

Food News

Curious Cook: Covid-19, contact budgets and variolation

Calculating the Covid-19 risks associated with certain professions and how symptoms can vary depending on face mask usage.

Along The Watchtower

Curb Covid-19 with better dorms

THERE’S an apt idiom for our seemingly never-ending battle against Covid-19, especially on infections spreading among foreign workers: A stitch in time saves nine. It means it is better to fix a problem when it is small instead of waiting until it becomes a much bigger issue.

Over the Top

Over the Top: Our baggage of history

What narratives of the past do we carry with us that will shape our lives in the present and into the future?


Big Smile, No Teeth: Trust in the science of the Covid-19 vaccine!

Yes, there’s been good news about Covid-19 vaccines! When they are approved, listen to experts and ignore the amateurs with loud opinions.

Colours of China

Selling coffee to tea lovers

The opening of a cafe in a remote village is an indication of how the country’s poverty alleviation programme is working with the locals enjoying better income and livelihood.

The Bowerbird Writes

It’s the right time to change

There is a need for a moral economy, one that is led not by greed and hubris but justice and fairness for all.

Putting Dr G On The Spot

The bittersweet truth of sex after prostate cancer

Dear Dr. G, I send you this email with a very heavy heart as I recently discovered I have prostate cancer, which was detected when I visited the doctors for my medical check up recently after several months of night-time urination.

Through Many Windows

To prosecute or not to prosecute?

The Prosecution carries a huge public burden and responsibility in the functioning of the criminal justice system and in safeguarding the rule of law in the country.

Asian Editors Circle

Why American presidents matter

The zeitgeist of the world is infused by the character of the US leader. Biden will bring back the civility and generosity that the American spirit is associated with.

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