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On Your Side

Time to fix the capital city

If we’re not looking up, the unity government must have its eyes on the ground, especially within Kuala Lumpur, which will be celebrating its 49th anniversary on Feb 1.


Keep the kebaya heritage flying

THERE is this popular phrase – if it ain't broke, don't fix it. If is often used in business parlance and means that one should not try to change something when there is no reason to do so, especially when that thing is in a satisfactory state.

Pinang Points

Get a dog tag to avoid paw-blems

SINCE my dog’s only goal in life is to stay indoors and laze in a corner, I never bothered to get her a licence.

Over the Top

Only right to respond with reason

Every time a hot button issue crops up, we tend to resort to knee-jerk reactions that do nothing to address the matter and, worse, damage relationships.

A Winning Factor

Ten points for United manager as he masterminds team’s revival

BY the time you read this, Manchester United are on a nine game winning streak in all competitions after beating Manchester City 2-1 over the weekend.


Rift deepens in Umno after no-contest decision

CAN one win and yet lose at the same time?

Putting Dr G On The Spot

Shooting blanks when you want a baby

Dear Dr. G, My wife and I, who are both thirty-two-years old, have been trying for a baby since we were married three years ago.

It's Just Politics

Sabah’s political gamblers

Don’t bet on the situation settling down in the Bornean state anytime soon.

On The Beat

A dog’s life

EVEN in ancient times, they were treated better. Here we are in 2023, as sophisticated as mankind has ever been, yet compassion is neither compulsory nor a courtesy. It’s simply unacceptable. Even convicted murderers and rapists in prison are treated better than the dogs at a shelter.

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