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Over the Top

‘Flying Butter’ to open closed minds

Do we not have free will to believe what we want to or is our thinking restricted by the need to ‘protect tradition’?

Pinang Points

Better transport links overdue

Major infrastructure projects being planned as jams go from bad to horrible.

A Winning Factor

Much heart and fight needed in battle for top four and survival

WHEN battling for survival in the Premier League, a team need a lot of fight! Fight for every ball and fight for every tackle!

Big Smile, No Teeth

We’ll be eating two credits cards' worth of plastic a year by 2050

What is the breaking point for the ecosystem or human life for consuming microplastics?


‘Hidden hands’ in Umno polls?

LISTS of winners in the elections of Umno’s three wings were circulating over the weekend even as the official results were still pending.


Dear Thelma: My family could lose the home we're living in since grandma died

The reason my aunt let us live in this house was so that we could take turns with my uncle's family to take care of my grandmother. Now that she is gone, my aunt's daughter is looking to sell the house.


Famous cat 'managers'

Meet Tama, Stubbs, Larry and Palmerston, cats that made headlines for holding important positions.

Putting Dr G On The Spot

How much sex is too much?

What is the normal frequency of sex? Dr George Lee explains.


Katz Tales: Meet Target, the senior executive snoopervisor

When Target the cat has trouble accessing the desk, his human rearranges the home office.

It's Just Politics

Tok Guru’s crystal ball

What weight should we give the ‘prophecy’ made by the leading Opposition figure?

The Star Says

Gender equality isn’t a women’s issue

THE struggle for gender equality has spanned centuries. Why then are women still grappling with inequality, sexism and bias?

On The Beat

Mountains and molehills

Religion is one of the most unifying powers, yet it can also go horribly wrong.

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