Durian Christmas tree a hit with church members in Kuching

CHRISTMAS was indeed “aromatic” and one-of-a-kind for worshippers at the Good News Fellowship Church in Kuching when a two-meter tall Christmas tree was made using the King of Fruits.

The unique feat had gotten durian junkies gaga as it was put together with over 200 durians, complete with chasing lights, decorations and a star tree-top, reported Sin Chew Daily on its front page.

Church members put together the creative and fruity idea during a Christmas Eve party on Monday (Dec 24) evening.

It was up for display for four hours, where those attended the party took the opportunity to pose with the unique durian Christmas tree before it was taken down and offered to the guests.

The church’s Christmas party organising chairman Lei Xian Yu said that two wooden pallets were used as the base for the tree, which was erected by 11 members in 11 hours prior to the party.


> Still on durians - the exotic and spiky King of Fruits can really make junkies go bananas regardless of where and when.

China Press reported that a young girl was told off for eating the fruit in the MRT cabin in Wuhan, China last Friday (Dec 21).

Wearing a plastic glove, the girl was indulging in the soft, yellow flesh when a passenger sitting next to her told her that she should have finished eating it before boarding.

However, the girl was unperturbed and continued to enjoy the fruit.

Several passengers, who could not stand the pungent smell, alighted and opted to move to another cabin.

Another witness reportedly criticised the girl’s action as “uncivilised” for making others put up with the smell.

“I like durian too, but at the same time, there are many others who don’t. She is such a weirdo.”

A spokesperson from the MRT company said that passengers are prohibited from eating and bringing any object with a strong odour in the cabin.

It was an apparent breach of the rules and had the passengers reported the girl to the staff, she would have been stopped.


> The daily also reported that costume rentals in Singapore are doing brisk business during the Christmas festive season.

Priced over SG$100 (RM300) per piece, costumes of popular cartoon and movies characters have been all snapped up in the past two weeks.

Quoting business operator Qian Cui Yan, who has been offering costume rentals for 15 years, costumes of The Grinch in the Christmas comedy film was one of the most sought after.

“The rental is priced between SG$40 and SG$80 (RM120 and RM240) for each design, and all 12 costumes we brought in were all booked within two weeks after we brought them in,” she said.

Another operator, Fu Yong Feng also said that all the Aquaman costumes he has stoked up have been fully booked, as many theme parties are taking place during the Christmas and New Year festive season.


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