Twitter wants you to browse profiles without ever leaving your timeline

Twitter is testing a pop-up profile feature for its mobile application. — Twitter

Twitter is testing a pop-up profile feature for its mobile application. — Twitter

Twitter is testing a new pop-up profile feature that allows users to check out other accounts without having to leave their main timeline. 

On mobile, browsing Twitter profiles isn't nearly as efficient as it in on the desktop. 

If you're on your computer and you see an account that you want to know more about, simply hovering over the username with your cursor prompts a profile summary to pop-up with the account's bio, number of tweets and followers, and the date which the account was created. As for the mobile platform, to view someone or something's profile, you have to tap on the Twitter handle which will redirect you to a new page – you're forced to leave your timeline just to view another's bio. 

On Wednesday, Twitter announced that it is trying to integrate the same type of pop-up feature in the mobile version that exists for the desktop version. With the latest edition of the application (for iOS), all you have to do is tap on a Twitter handle to view a mini-profile which includes most of the same information as the desktop version: bio, location, number of tweets, number of followers, and a follow button. If you do, in fact, want to see the whole profile, you just have to tap the "Go to full profile" tab at the bottom. 

Though this addition is minor, it has a plethora of benefits for the average user. Threads will be easier to follow without having to move from profile to profile, users can conveniently check the authenticity of accounts before following or responding to them, and, as Twitter's Safety account noted, users will be able to "know who is behind the accounts that appear on your timeline". When you're finished, all you have to do is swipe down to return to what you were doing. 

For now, the feature is only available on iOS devices, but the Android version is in the works. – AFP Relaxnews