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Tech News 17 May 2019

Tall chip tale? Huawei’s backup plans leave experts unconvinced

Chip experts are calling out Huawei for its claims that it could ensure a steady supply chain without US help, saying the technology the Chinese telecoms network gear maker buys from American companies would be "hard to replace".

Huawei will aim to be technologically "self-reliant" going forward, but that is easier said than done, industry experts say. — Reuters
Tech News 17 May 2019

John Wick is coming to ‘Fortnite’

A remodelled house, special challenge data, and a Keanu Reeves doppelganger costume indicate that action movie John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum will be accompanied by a Fortnite crossover.

'Fortnite' image file featuring movie character John Wick. — Epic Games/
Tech News 17 May 2019

Huawei’s HiSilicon says it has long been preparing for US ban scenario

Huawei Technologies' chip arm HiSilicon said on May 17 it has long been prepared for the "extreme scenario" that it could be banned from purchasing US chips and technology, and is able to ensure steady supply of most products.

HiSilicon has been secretly developing back-up products for years in anticipation of the unlikely scenario that Huawei may one day be unable to obtain advanced chips and technology from the United States, He said in the letter. — Reuters
Tech News 16 May 2019

WhatsApp hack latest breach of personal data security

The hacking of WhatsApp is one of the most spectacular of a series of such attacks in recent years.

WhatsApp said on May 14 that a security breach had allowed sophisticated attackers to install the malicious software into phones via its app. — AFP Relaxnews
Tech News 17 May 2019

Fans mourn passing of Internet sensation and meme legend Grumpy Cat

Fans of Grumpy Cat – whose permanent scowl launched a thousand Internet memes – took to social media to mourn her passing.

Internet sensation Grumpy Cat first went viral in 2012. — AFP
Tech News 16 May 2019

Maserati to use BMW self-driving technology, Fiat chairman says

Maserati will be the first of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV’s brands to use self-driving technology being developed with BMW AG, Fiat chairman John Elkann said in a speech in Turin.

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