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'Hey Google, take me home:' Android soon to power millions of cars

Google's operating system is now on its way to become the main way we interact with countless models of cars.

Google's operating system is now on its way to become the main way we interact with countless models of cars. — dpa
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US$34K to repair a car? High-tech features mean higher repair bills

Many new vehicles these days come loaded with all kinds of extras, including safety features that should help you avoid a crash. But what happens when these ever-more technologically advanced vehicles crash?

The 2019 Kia K900. Experts say the cost to repair technology in modern day vehicles could be hefty. — TNS
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Global spending on digital marketing nears RM400bil: study

Spending on digital marketing grew by 44% last year in the United States and Britain to US$52bil (RM214bil), a study has found, estimating that global outlays on such tactics are approaching US$100bil (RM412bil).

Digital marketing has the appeal of enabling brands to target consumers directly via social media, search-engine optimisation or voice-activated assistants. — Reuters
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This week in video game trailers: Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 – Zombies, Devil May Cry 5, Just Cause 4

Check in here for an overview of the story and characters behind the Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 Zombies mode, a new look at the hack and slash action of Devil May Cry 5, and an expansive 20 minutes of action-packed persuasion on behalf of Just Cause 4.

This time, Resonance Of Fate won't have to contend with a massive Final Fantasy game launching a week before. – AFP Relaxnews
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Facebook not protecting content moderators from mental trauma: lawsuit

A former Facebook Inc contract employee filed a lawsuit in California, alleging that content moderators who face mental trauma after reviewing distressing images on the platform are not being properly protected by the social networking company.

"Facebook is ignoring its duty to provide a safe workplace and instead creating a revolving door of contractors who are irreparably traumatized by what they witnessed on the job," Nelson said in a statement. — Reuters
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Glider to work on the new e-scooter by Inboard Technology

Inboard Technology, the California startup that brought you the M1 battery-powered skateboard, is now bringing you the Glider, an e-scooter available in February 2019.

Tony Sacharny, an electrical engineer with Inboard Technology. — AFP Relaxnews
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Facebook, the next big thing

Now you can friend, follow, and DATE people all in one place thanks to Facebook Dating, at least if you're in Colombia, TechCrunch has reported.

Facebook is getting into matchmaking. — AFP
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Virtual or real? Fashion world split over digital supermodels

The three women gazing into the camera in an advert for French luxury label Balmain look like they could fit in at any high-end shoot, but Shudu, Margot and Zhi are "digital models" whose rise is dividing the fashion world.

Temperley (pic) believes using CGI could help cut costs. — Reuters
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At this high-tech farm, the boss is an AI-powered algorithm

Each morning when she gets to work at Bowery Farming Inc, Katie Morich changes into a clean uniform, puts on a hairnet and cleans her hands with sanitiser. Then she consults a computer monitor displaying all the tasks she needs to accomplish that day.

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