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Tech News 23 Feb 2018

Apple is said to plan upgrades to popular AirPods headphones

Apple Inc, seeking to bolster its wearables business, is working on upgrades to its wireless AirPods headphones, according to people familiar with the matter.

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What to watch for in gadgets, deals from the biggest mobile show

Mobile World Congress, the wireless industry’s biggest conference, begins next week in Barcelona, where more than 100,000 people are set to see the latest smartphones, artificial intelligence devices and autonomous drones exhibited by roughly 2,300 companies.

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More cat pics than plots: How UK lawmakers really use WhatsApp

Plotting in UK politics has shifted from deep in the heart of the Palace of Westminster to secret groups on WhatsApp. Smoke-filled rooms for the 21st century – or that’s how it’s often portrayed.

Often devoid of policy or even political scuttlebutt, WhatsApp chatrooms are more likely to be filled with pictures of cats or dinners in not-so exotic locations, or comments on last night’s TV, than serious intrigue. — Reuters
Tech News 22 Feb 2018

Be smarter about smartphone security

These days, many people use their smartphone as, at least, an extension of their computers and, at most, a replacement.

According to one estimate, more than a half of smart device users don't even use a password to lock their phones as they would with their personal computers. — Dreamstime/TNS
Tech News 23 Feb 2018

Stymied by regulators, Airbnb looks to luxury vacations, hotels for growth

Airbnb is rolling out new services aimed at attracting travellers looking for luxury accommodations and traditional hotels, the latest move to contend with sputtering growth in its original home-renting business.

Airbnb is planning to make it easier for boutique hotels and bed-and-breakfasts – once its arch enemies – to list their rooms on its online booking site. — Reuters
Tech News 23 Feb 2018

Olympics: Holograms may help more fans catch the action at Tokyo Games

Japanese telecommunications company NTT is hoping to bring an added dimension to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics by projecting live sporting events with its 3D hologram technology.

NTT's "Kirari! for Arena", which uses multiple cameras to track the movements of the player and images are transported to devices which show 3D hologram figures in real-time at a different location, displays visual dancers among real ones during the company's exhibition in Tokyo, Japan. — Reuters
Tech News 23 Feb 2018

Google starts taking payments for apps via Kenya’s M-Pesa service

Google Play apps and games store has started accepting payments in Kenya through Safaricom's mobile phone M-Pesa service to boost downloads in a market where many people do not have a credit card.

Tech News 23 Feb 2018

Intel did not tell US cyber officials about chip flaws until made public

Intel Corp did not inform US cyber security officials of the so-called Meltdown and Spectre chip security flaws until they leaked to the public, six months after Alphabet Inc notified the chipmaker of the problems, according to letters sent by tech companies to lawmakers on Thursday.

Intel did not tell US-CERT about Meltdown and Spectre until Jan 3, after reports on them in online technology site The Register had begun to circulate. — Reuters

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