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Tech News 20 Jul 2018

Smartphone shattered? Longtime Apple supplier Corning reveals more durable glass

In Sunnyvale on July 18, observers gathered around a machine to see whether smartphone glass dropped from more than a yard at a 40-degree angle could survive a fall onto rough sandpaper.

Gorilla Glass 6 survives twice as much battering as the previous iteration when it's dropped, according to Corning. — AFP
Tech News 19 Jul 2018

Niantic pulls out the ban hammer for cheaters

Niantic Labs is clamping down Pokemon Go cheaters, giving them three strikes with increasing punishments from reducing playability to suspensions and, for unrepentant cheaters, a permanent ban.

Get walking or get banned, under Niantic's tighter new rules on cheating. — Raleigh News & Observer/TNS
Tech News 19 Jul 2018

Is Apple severely throttling its pricey Core i9 MacBook Pro?

Apple’s shiny new 15in MacBook Pro 2018 is running slower than the model released last year, according to one benchmark.

The new 15in MacBook Pro 2018 is reportedly running slower than the model released last year. — Apple
Tech News 20 Jul 2018

Amazon gets flak from Little People over ‘dwarf-tossing’ robot patent

To this country's people of unusually small stature, dwarf tossing is an insult and, according to Little People of America, “objectifies the entire dwarf community”.

A patent sketch, using a dwarf figurine as an example, of Amazon's robotic system for moving warehouse goods. Upon being informed about the Amazon patent, the Little People were not amused. — US Patent and Trademark Office/TNS
Tech News 1d ago

Feeling you are actually flying: Torso controls for piloting drones

Research published by Swiss university EPFL suggests that using your torso to pilot flying machines is more effective and immersive than the commonly-used joystick.

In tests involving over 50 people tasked with controlling drones, researchers found that drone control using the torso outperformed joystick control in precision and reliability after only minimal training sessions. — dpa
Tech News 20 Jul 2018

Project ‘Fuchsia’: Google is quietly working on a successor to Android

For more than two years, a small and stealthy group of engineers within Google has been working on software that they hope will eventually replace Android, the world’s dominant mobile operating system. As the team grows, it will have to overcome some fierce internal debate about how the software will work.

Tech News 19 Jul 2018

Unifi Turbo upgrade page is now down

The dedicated page which allowed existing Unifi and Streamyx customers to check if they are eligible for the free Turbo upgrade is now down.

The link to the free Turbo upgrade now redirects users to the Unifi landing page instead. — Unifi
Tech News 20 Jul 2018

With crackdowns on Uber and Airbnb, does the sharing economy have a future in Hong Kong?

Drivers have been fined and home rentals face stricter laws, and while businesses and users remain hopeful, analysts say the hardline approach will continue to protect the vested interests of established competitors

In the past week, three leading yet struggling giants of the sector in Hong Kong have been in the headlines for the wrong reasons. — AFP

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