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Car share operators jump in as Paris Autolib scheme withers

A string of private car-share operators are revving up business in Paris as the pioneering city-run Autolib scheme comes to an end and city authorities promote car sharing over private ownership.

At a mobility event where car, scooter and bicycle share operators demonstrated their services in front of city hall, car sharing scheme operators said they planned to expand their operations, but that growth would largely depend on how many dedicated parking spaces the city makes available. — Reuters
Tech News 18h ago

Niantic pulls out the ban hammer for cheaters

Niantic Labs is clamping down Pokemon Go cheaters, giving them three strikes with increasing punishments from reducing playability to suspensions and, for unrepentant cheaters, a permanent ban.

Get walking or get banned, under Niantic's tighter new rules on cheating. — Raleigh News & Observer/TNS
Tech News 16 Jul 2018

Arrests after India mob kills man over WhatsApp child kidnap rumour

Indian police said July 15 they have arrested 32 people after a man was killed by a mob in the country’s latest lynching over suspicion of child kidnapping sparked by rumours on WhatsApp.

Police said they have arrested 32 attackers and a manhunt is on for others. Some of the accused were identified from the attack video circulating on WhatsApp. — AFP
Tech News 1d ago

Skype update brings @mentions, HD video and more

Microsoft has outlined several of the new features coming with the latest version of Skype (8.0) for Windows 10.

Skype rolls out HD video and screensharing (with up to 24 people).— AFP Relaxnews
Tech News 8h ago

Neymar and Brazil are Twitter’s World Cup champions

During the 2018 FIFA World Cup, held in Russia, there were some 115 billion impressions (views on Twitter), as fans used the social network to discuss all aspects of the international soccer tournament.

Brazil’s Neymar, Jr was Twitter's most-mentioned player of the 2018 World Cup in Russia. — AFP
Tech News 27m ago

Spotify says artistes can’t buy their way onto top playlists

Spotify Technology SA is overhauling the way musicians and record labels submit songs for certain playlists, a move that will affect how tens of thousands of artistes reach their fans.

“We want to make something crystal clear: No one can pay to be added to one of Spotify’s editorial playlists,” Spotify said in a blog post. — Reuters
Tech News 22h ago

Is Apple severely throttling its pricey Core i9 MacBook Pro?

Apple’s shiny new 15in MacBook Pro 2018 is running slower than the model released last year, according to one benchmark.

The new 15in MacBook Pro 2018 is reportedly running slower than the model released last year. — Apple
Tech News 4h ago

Some Wish customers say makeup gave them pink eye, other issues

When Kathleen Knight isn’t teaching belly dancing classes in Tulsa, Oklahoma, she’s often searching for bargain clothes, nail art and knickknacks from overseas merchants on Wish. But the one product Knight wishes she’d never bought from the e-commerce app is makeup.

Tech News 17 Jul 2018

Pre-order Oppo's Find X flagship smartphone now for RM3,699

Oppo's latest flagship, which has a pop-up camera, will hit store shelves on Aug 5.

Models with the new Oppo Find X phone during the launch event. — LOW BOON TAT/The Star

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