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Tech News 20 Apr 2018

TicPods Free are AirPod lookalikes that cost less and function fully with Android

TicPods Free are truly wireless Apple-esque earbuds with ambient noise cancellation, in-ear detection and voice assistance, for a smaller price.

TicPods Free will be shipped worldwide, most likely in July. — AFP Relaxnews
Tech News 21 Apr 2018

A journey into an American abyss: Far Cry 5

Postcard-perfect scenery with lots of explosions: that might be the best way to describe the Far Cry series from Ubisoft.

Postcard-perfect scenery with lots of explosions: The protagonist of Far Cry 5 is a US Marshal whose goal is to arrest Joseph Eden, the charismatic leader of an apocalyptic cult, and finds himself stranded in enemy territory in the process. — Ubisoft/dpa
Tech News 9h ago

Cyberhacking of medical devices a growing threat

Imagine your cardiac pacemaker started delivering electrical pulses that are too strong. Or your insulin pump suddenly pumps too much insulin into you. For people who live with an electronic medical aid, the thought that it could be hacked and manipulated is horrifying.

At present there is no evidence that a hacker could remotely reprogram a pacemaker or defibrillator, or change device settings in any way. And yet the next generation of digital healthcare is coming in the form of new mobile apps that can measure blood sugar levels, detect concussions, cardiac arrhythmia and skin cancer, and help patients manage chronic illnesses. — dpa
Tech News 21 Apr 2018

More internship than career: What clickworkers need to know

Make big money from the comfort of your own home with a few clicks: This is what some Internet platforms promise so-called clickworkers.

Remote employers offer so-called 'clickwork' from home. In some cases, you can be asked to check the performance of computers. In other cases, you're tasked with writing or translating texts, processing images or even programming. — dpa
Tech News 1d ago

How to cancel app subscriptions

App subscriptions are easy to start, but not always quite so easy to stop. How exactly can users cancel their subscription to an app?

Both Android and iOS make it relatively easy for users to find a list of ongoing subscriptions they have in their phone. — dpa
Tech News 20 Apr 2018

Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 shaking up singleplayer, battle royale

The 2018 edition of Call Of Duty is likely to downplay singleplayer elements and is adding a battle royale mode.

An official reveal for Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 is due May 17. — AFP Relaxnews
Tech News 6h ago

HAY teams up with Sonos for a colourful collection of speakers

Danish design studio HAY has joined forces with home audio specialist Sonos on a collection of colourful speakers, on show at Milan Design Week, which runs until April 22 in the Italian city.

The limited-edition 'HAY for Sonos' collection. — HAY/Sonos
Tech News 20 Apr 2018

How can dockless bike and scooter companies make money?

In just a matter of a few months, hundreds of dockless bicycles and scooters have appeared on the streets and sidewalks of San Diego.

Tech News 18 Apr 2018

Acer’s Avengers: Infinity War special edition laptops start at RM3,299

Acer announced its Avengers: Infinity War special edition laptops, which includes the Captain America edition Aspire 6, Thanos edition Nitro 5 and Iron Man edition Swift 3.

From left: Captain America edition Aspire 6, Iron Man edition Swift 3 and Thanos edition Nitro 5 are available in selected Acer stores nationwide. — Acer Malaysia

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