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Tech News 1d ago

Ever wondered what your favourite photographs ‘sound’ like?

There are a million and one ways to waste time online, and now you can add Imaginary Soundscape to the ever-growing list.

This photo of a painting by Vincent Van Gogh sounds like someone knocking on a metal door. — AFP
Tech News 25 May 2018

Microsoft’s new Xbox controller courts gamers with disabilities

Mike Luckett had been having trouble controlling his Xbox controller. His diminished finger dexterity after a spinal cord injury meant it was tough to be as quick as he wanted on the toggles and buttons on the game console's controller.

The Xbox Accessible Controller is designed to have accessories plugged in to meet needs of gamers with disabilities. — Microsoft
Tech News 25 May 2018

Snoozing on the mommy job

Earlier this year, I brought home something both completely life-changing and terrifying.

The Snoo Bassinet uses a combination of white noise and movement to lull your wee one, encased in the accompanying swaddle sack, to sleep. — Happiest Baby/TNS
Tech News 25 May 2018

Netflix and don’t chill: Obama deal sparks conservative boycott

Now showing on a social media screen near you, a conservative backlash against Netflix over the production deal with the Obamas it announced this week.

#BoycottNetflix is trending because conservatives hate the Silicon Valley company's tie-up with the former president and first lady, Barack and Michelle Obama. — Dreamstime/TNS
Tech News 23 May 2018

Record-breaking 100Gbps wireless transmission is a world first

Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation has successfully demonstrated the world's first 100Gbps wireless transmission. But this new tech isn't likely to roll out on a large scale before 2030.

Examples of applications using OAM technology. — AFP Relaxnews
Tech News 24 May 2018

Apple to refund RM240 to users who paid for battery replacements last year

This offer is only limited to those who paid for an out-of-warranty battery replacements for iPhone 6 or later devices.

Apple will contact customers eligible for this partial refund via e-mail from now until July 27. — Reuters
Tech News 1d ago

Amazon explains why Alexa recorded, shared couple’s conversation Inc said a series of miscues picked up by one of its voice-activated Echo speakers during an Oregon couple’s private conversation resulted in the chat being recorded and sent to one of their acquaintances without their knowledge.

Tech News 22 May 2018

The Lucky 56: Xiaomi IPO to make dozens of workers millionaires

Eight years ago, before China’s Xiaomi Corp had sold a single smartphone, 56 of the earliest employees pulled together US$11mil (RM43.74mil) to invest in the startup. Rank-and-file workers dipped into savings and borrowed from parents. One receptionist tapped her dowry.

Tech News 1d ago

US raises concerns about Vietnam’s proposed cybersecurity law

The United States has raised concerns with Vietnam about its proposed cybersecurity law, the US Embassy said, amid activists' fears the new legislation will cause economic harm and crackdown on online dissent in the communist-ruled country.

Gerrish "raised US concerns about Vietnam's proposed cybersecurity law, including the impact of localisation requirements and restrictions on cross-border services for the future development and growth of Vietnam's economy," the US Embassy in Hanoi said in a statement. — Reuters

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