Time management key for winners

Hamidah (right) flagging off the 60 teams on the talent trail.

Hamidah (right) flagging off the 60 teams on the talent trail.

TWENTY eight teams were rewarded with cash prizes totaling RM25,000 after taking part in the CIMB Talent Trail 2017.

Team C-E-O-S from Sunway University took home the top prize of RM5,000 cash.

Meanwhile, Team AD Victoriam from Advance Tertiary College were second with RM3,000 and Team Millennium X from Tunku Abdul Rahman University College was third with RM2,000.

The talent trail is a collaboration between CIMB Group and Talent Corporation Malaysia.

Now into its third edition, the high-energy challenge requires active team participation from university students with the objective of helping them apply and hone skills valued by today’s employers.

CIMB Group group chief people officer Datuk Hamidah Naziadin said the students were of fairly strong calibre in that they showed keen interest and enthusiasm.

“We had 480 students from 54 different universities participating during the qualifying rounds.

“For the Grand Finale, we had 60 teams or 240 students from 29 different universities,” she said.

She said the CIMB Talent Trail took approximately three hours to complete.

The seven activities they went through on the trail were meant to educate them on the different types of competencies or skills that will enhance their employability.

These included doing short presentations, answering questions over the phone to assess their listening and verbal communication skills, crafting a good resume for a job application and preparing a budget for an event.

Teams were also assessed on their knowledge of CIMB Group, TalentCorp and the other Fusion partners.

Apart from ensuring that teams were familiar with the participating companies, this activity also tested the participants on how well they had done their research.

Hamidah said apart from English language, interpersonal and communication skills, the tasks also required teamwork and adaptability in facing challenges, all within a stipulated time frame.

“All the activities were conducted in English. From the instructions, to the challenge events and their responses, all had to be in English, whether verbal or written.

“Participants were also reminded to speak English at all times,” she said.

Participants were provided with a pre-loaded Touch ‘n Go card as an aid for public transportation as students in the grand finale were required to move across Kuala Lumpur either on foot or by public transport.

On what made the top three teams stand out, Hamidah said they had better time management and made smarter use of the route – getting to the challenge stations faster and not tiring themselves out early in the challenge.

“This enabled them to be mentally fit and alert in completing the challenge activities. They were also generally more resourceful and able to think out of the box,” she added.

She said the top teams also showed strong teamwork and the right delegation of duties as they worked well together and recognised each other’s strengths and utilised these to their benefit.

“CIMB is passionate about talent development and the CIMB Talent Trail is one of our many activities that helps educate and prepare Malaysian students to enhance their employability.

“In today’s global and connected environment, a good command of English and proficiency in social media and digital channels will provide an edge and open up more career opportunities for job seekers.

“We would also like to thank TalentCorp for their assistance in extending our reach to university students nationwide,” said Hamidah.

This year’s challenge, for example, tested participants’ skills in digital and social media platforms to assess participants’ technological savviness.

Each finalist team had to submit a two-minute YouTube video that best covers key learning from the CIMB Talent Trail 2017 in their quest to garner additional challenge points.

TalentCorp Chief Executive Officer Shareen Shariza Abdul Ghani said, “The CIMB Talent Trail is an innovative programme that helps our young talents to enhance their employability and improve their transition into the workforce.”

“We are pleased to collaborate with CIMB, which is a great platform for our young Malaysians to test their skills through a series of challenges,” she added.