Engineer’s holiday plans dashed

JOHOR BARU: An engineer’s plans to spend his holiday visiting several Western European countries with his wife were dashed when the tour packages they booked were cancelled.

Derek Lim Kuan Guan, 35, said he had booked 11D/8N tour packages from April 18 to 28 for both of them costing RM7,980 each via online transactions.

“We were attracted to the offer made by the tour company as similar tour packages normally cost more,’’ he said when met at the Johor Baru Consumer Claims Tribunal at Menara Ansar here.

Lim, who works for an electronics company here, said he paid RM15,960 in two instalments for the packages using a credit card.

He said this was his first time booking tour packages via online as he and his wife were attracted by the testimonials by holiday makers who went on tours with the company.

Lim said he had a hunch that they would not be going for the holiday when news of the chief executive officer of the tour company being arrested came out in the newspapers last month.

“I received an email from the company’s secretary on Feb 15, informing me that all tour packages by the company from February until June this year have been cancelled,’’ he said.

According to news reports, the 34-year-old suspect was detained by police at his office in Taman Sentral Kajang, Selangor after one of the victims lodged a police report.The victim had deposited RM27,133 into the company’s bank account for a group tour to Turkey and France but found out the tour was cancelled after they arrived at KL International Airport.

“This is a good lesson for me and my wife and next time we will only book our tours with reputable tour agencies and go to their offices personally,’’ said Lim.

He said they still have plans to visit Western European countries in the near future, adding that it pays to always be cautious when the offer seemed to be too good to be true.

“We will be going on a trip to Hong Kong in May and this time around, we have already booked our trips with a reputable tour agent,’’ he said.

Consumer Claims Tribunal president R. Nadarajan ordered the company to refund the money paid by Lim in 14 days.

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