Of long weekends and short 'foodie' trips to Penang

Pantai Bersih at dusk in Penang. — DIVYIA ANANTHAN

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It has been a year since we last visited Penang, so we decided recently that it was time for another trip there.

This time around, we drove all the way up north from Kuala Lumpur. We started our journey in the morning and by the time we got to Butterworth, it was already 2.30pm and we were hungry. We found an Indian restaurant to have a quick lunch, though I thought the food was a little pricey.

We checked in to our hotel after that and made our way to Pantai Bersih, which was super crowded. The sunset was not too great but the view of the sea was nice.

We walked around the beach for a bit to enjoy the vibrant atmosphere, and even chatted with some of the hawkers selling a variety of delicacies there. We didn’t really eat at the beach, though; instead we decided to check out one of the famous food courts in Butterworth.

When we got there, we were taken aback by the huge crowd – there weren’t any seats available for us. We checked out the food stalls while waiting for some empty seats. I ordered some Vietnamese summer rolls and rojak buah, which is popular in Penang. I found a stall selling curry noodles too, and it was spectacular. Luckily, we found a table for us to sit and enjoy all our food at ease.

Penang is one of the most popular places to go in Malaysia for foodies.Penang is one of the most popular places to go in Malaysia for foodies.

Of course, those were just our “appetisers”! Penang is of course famous for its nasi kandar so we had to get some too. We searched for the nearest restaurant selling nasi kandar and ordered a plate to share. We opted for the fried chicken and some lady fingers, while the server mixed all the curries for us. It was so delicious.

We ended the day with full bellies and happy memories.

The next day, we started the day early with a dim sum breakfast, and then made our way to Kulim, Kedah for a party to celebrate some relatives who just had a baby. They served vegetarian food that was really nice.

We went back to Penang later in the afternoon and thought about what to eat for dinner. Yes, we are definitely foodies!

We decided on seafood, since Penang does have fresh seafood anyway. We also stopped by the popular Gurney Drive Hawker Centre and we had the best ABC there. It was loaded with lots of ingredients.

Although our Penang trip was short, it was the best weekend getaway for us so far this year. If you’ve never been to Penang, we recommend making a visit soon.

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