It sounds like a crazy idea, but using dandruff shampoo to treat acne works


TikTok users are now using dandruff shampoos to fight fungal acne. Photo: AFP

Using shampoo to get rid of acne may sound like a crazy idea, but it's already the focus of great attention on TikTok. Users of the social network swear by using dandruff shampoos to treat a specific skin condition called fungal acne, which essentially manifests itself as painful, itchy red bumps.

And what's more surprising is that a host of experts have given their seal of approval to this seemingly unusual tip.

We've lost count of the number of unusual, if not crazy, beauty tips that have gone viral on the Chinese social network. And these improbable techniques, such using banana slices to get rid of zits, usually draw angry responses from dermatologists.

But it seems that TikTokers aren't always wrong – on the contrary – as evidenced by a new viral tip to treat fungal acne, a skin inflammation that has nothing to do with the usual kind of acne.

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What is fungal acne?

To understand how a simple dandruff shampoo can help treat fungal acne, you first need to understand what exactly this skin condition is.

It is actually another name for folliculitis, a benign inflammation of the hair follicle caused by a fungus, most often Malassezia. This yeast can proliferate in humid conditions, and can also be responsible for dandruff.

And so logically, some of the active ingredients found in dandruff shampoos can also be used to treat fungal acne.

Still, you need to know what ingredients to look for, so that you don't just use any old haircare product. More precisely, the key ingredients are ketoconazole, an antifungal agent, zinc pyrithione, an antibacterial and antifungal agent, and selenium sulfide, another antifungal agent.

All of these are found in most dandruff shampoos, and could help to eliminate, or at least reduce, fungal acne, as revealed by many dermatologists on the Chinese social network.

It didn't take much more for this tip to spread at high speed on Gen-Z crowd's favorite social network, with many users putting it to the test.

The trick has scored hundreds of thousands of views, even though some people are now mistakenly turning to dandruff shampoos to try to get rid of what could be described as "regular" acne, caused by bacteria and not by fungus.

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Some precautions to take

If this unlikely tip seems to be beneficial to those concerned, some points are dividing experts in the media and on social networks.

Dr Mona Gohara, a dermatologist and associate professor at the Yale School of Medicine, told Allure magazine that it is possible to replace your usual cleanser and shower gel with a dandruff shampoo, and to leave it on for one to several minutes depending on the part of the body.

A tip that concerns the face, back, chest and upper arms, and obviously only cases of fungal acne.

But on TikTok, Dr Jen Caudle, who also works in the US, reminds us that dandruff shampoos are not only ineffective in fighting regular acne, but that they also contain active ingredients that are not intended for facial use.

While she does not question the effectiveness of this trick in treating fungal acne, she does recommend consulting a doctor to determine the type of acne a given patient is experiencing, and to discuss the possibility of using a dandruff shampoo to stop the proliferation of the fungus in question.

And all after having tried all other available treatments. – AFP Relaxnews

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