'Status skin', a beauty trend combining makeup and skincare, is on the rise


"Status skin" is one of the rising beauty trends on TikTok. Photo: AFP

After "skinimalism", meet "status skin", a beauty routine defined by a natural, minimalist approach, light years away from the contouring aesthetic that was everywhere pre-pandemic.

The idea behind status skin is all about revealing a fresh, luminous complexion, without having to use multiple layers of makeup, and above all... no longer having to camouflage one's "defects".

The pandemic put a stop to the use of contouring products and high-coverage foundations, which became pointless during lockdowns, as well as with mask-wearing. And if some people thought that the return to normal life would mean the return of full makeup, it's clear that skincare was the star of 2022, and it's a trend that's only just beginning.

For proof, look no further than "status skin", a beauty trend on the rise on social networks, characterised by a strategic combination of makeup and skincare.

The principle is to let your skin breathe, and highlight it, rather than camouflage what have been referred to as "imperfections" in the past.

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Healthy skin and a less-intense routine

Many beauty micro-trends emphasised a natural approach over the last year, but this time it's about reintroducing makeup into one's routine without overdoing it.

"Status skin" is still based on looking after one's skin, and especially on prevention, in order to enjoy a healthy complexion without having to resort to a slew of various concealers, foundations, and contouring products.

Skin is able to breathe more than ever, and it's no longer a question of hiding dark circles, bags and other pimples, but of allowing them to show when they appear.

In terms of beauty routines, this translates into essential skincare products, including serums, to create a healthy glow, as well as tinted moisturisers or creams.

Forget about mattifying and high-coverage foundations, and focus on light, sheer and airy textures that will provide a discreetly sun-kissed look.

The goal is to highlight the skin, not to camouflage it under layers of makeup. This is reminiscent of the BB and CC cream era, except that the level of skincare has gone up a notch with multifunctional products that will perform several roles – makeup, moisturising and anti-aging, for example.

The boom in facial massage

Even more than a tweaked, streamlined beauty routine, and specific skincare products in the bathroom, this trend puts an emphasis on facial massages of all kind, whether known for their anti-aging benefits like Kobido, or for boosting radiance in one's complexion, as well as on tools that allow beauty fans to enjoy their benefits at home.

Gua sha, jade roller, massage roller, and ice globes are progressively becoming bathroom essentials so that you no longer have to head to the beauty salon to get healthy and radiant skin.

But if there is one particular market that is growing at a rapid pace, it is that of facial massagers.

These tools, which can combine massages, skin cleansing, light therapy treatments, and anti-aging treatments, are a hot commodity among appearance-conscious consumers.

Not only do they provide the skin with the care it needs on a daily basis, but they have also been designed to offer users a moment of relaxation. This famous all-in-one product seems to be a favourite of those looking for a holistic approach.

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'Skinification', or when skincare comes to hair

Complexions aren't the only body part that will benefit from so much attention in 2023, as hair is also set to be pampered with a complete routine modeled on that of skin.

Scrubs, anti-blemish treatments, exfoliating brushes, nightly treatments, exfoliating shampoos, and micellar shampoos will soon be among your beauty essentials – if they aren't already – to make your hair as healthy and beautiful as possible.

A routine that has a name, "skinification", and which focuses on care largely targeting the scalp, more than the lengths, to stop any problems at the root. Because one again, prevention is more important than ever when it comes to beauty, as it is designed to allow for an increasingly minimalist and natural routine. – AFP Relaxnews

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