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On Your Side

A long and tough journey

World Cancer Day is tomorrow. Spare a thought for those stricken with the disease and their families.


Learn from our neighbour

LET’S call a spade a spade. Our record of building affordable homes is pathetic, if not a disgrace.

The Doctor Says

At least a million Malaysians suffering from long Covid

The knowledge gaps about and evidence of long Covid is frustrating both sufferers and healthcare professionals.

A Winning Factor

Predictions time as EPL makes way for game’s oldest cup competition

THE Premier League is taking a break this week to make way for football’s oldest competition, the FA Cup. You can consider that the league is at the halfway point of the season, and on average, there are about 18 matches left. Since there are no matches to review, I’ll make predictions based on the remaining games.

Pinang Points

Returning to the way life should be

AFTER two years of being unable to celebrate Chinese New Year with family and friends, I will never take festive celebrations for granted again.

Over the Top

Spare a thought before reacting

Things have not changed much in 40 years, judging by the knee-jerk reactions to an age old issue.

Health Matters

Why it's so chaotic at our hospital emergency departments

Patients have been complaining of waiting long hours to be treated and congestion at government hospital emergency departments, but there’s no easy fix.


Dear Thelma: I feel guilty about breaking up with my ex-girlfriend

My mental health was affected. I had to constantly be careful of my actions so that I wouldn’t trigger her. We really loved each other, but I wasn’t happy at all.

Science, She Wrote

Of Children, China, and Covid-19

IN THE summer of 2013, I was six months pregnant and completing a five-week research attachment at the Chinese Institute of Pathogen Biology outside of Beijing.

Putting Dr G On The Spot

New Year resolution for prevention of ED

Young men with unexpected ED often put Dr. G on the spot for a cure for ED.

The Star Says

Fighting inflation in the long-term

LIKE the rest of the world, Malaysia is suffering the effects of inflation.

On The Beat

Aptitude for ineptitude

It’s easy to understand how a spark can turn into an explosion when poor communication is the fuse.

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