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Curious Cook

Curious Cook: The recovery after

For people to fully recover from illnesses or medical procedures, proper nutrition is essential.


Tight race looms in Sungai Bakap

This may sound strange but both Perikatan and Pakatan are claiming to be the underdog in Sungai Bakap, which could see the closest fight of the string of by-elections so far.


Have public transport from day one

Otherwise those living in new neighbourhoods on fringes of Klang Valley forced to drive

Why Not?

Of empathy and religion

LAST Friday, hundreds of journalists gathered at the Majestic Hotel in Kuala Lumpur to fete the best among them. There were plenty of awards, good food and camaraderie. And the Prime Minister was in attendance.

Sports Box

Tears, rage and a brave comeback by a wronged player Faisal

AFTER the press conference, many needed a few hours to get over it. The emotions flowed freely – hardened newsmen were in tears, other were in a rage.

Positive Parenting

What to know about getting braces for your kid

Some children need to wear braces to correct the position of their teeth.


A gem of an island

After a turbulent period, Sri Lanka is looking forward to political stability and economic growth.

Tell Me About

Are we really ‘left-brained’ and ‘right-brained’ people?

The answer is that the way the brain works is far more complex than this simple categorisation.

So Aunty, So What?

Too late, there’s no escaping plastic

THE news just gets worse and worse. Already we are not in a good place with tensions and conflicts in various parts of the world, global boiling (which has replaced the previous term “warming”) and climate change, diminishing resources, nasty politicking coupled with greed and corruption everywhere, and social and economic upheavals – the list seems endless.


Comprehensive education reforms needed, says G25

PETALING JAYA: Comprehensive reforms in education are needed for all, says the civil society group G25.

The Doctor Says

Climate change and health: Will it just be all talk?

WHO member states have agreed on a Resolution addressing climate change’s impact on healthcare systems.

Making Progress

What went wrong for Modi?

AS A close and interested observer of Indian politics, I watched the marathon election campaign unfold with much interest.