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Along The Watchtower

Revamp needed for food security

IT has been a week since the govern­ment decided to scrap approved permits (APs) for food imports. While consumer bodies have lauded the move, there is much unease among small-scale farmers and livestock breeders.

The Doctor Says

Smoking harms both us and Mother Earth

Tobacco products harm not only human health, but also the environment, contributing to climate change.

Over the Top

Democratic spaces in cities

RECENTLY, a private university invited me to be a guest panellist at a forum on democracy and its impact on urban design.

Curious Cook

Curious Cook: Bird flu may be forever

The columnist examines the current avian flu outbreak in Europe and looks at how the virus has mutated.

SEARCH Scholar Series

Aligning the BRI and SDG: Tangible strengths and opportunities

China's Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) was implemented 10 years ago and it has significantly improved the economic status of different countries worldwide.

The Bowerbird Writes

Time to relook food security

The country is enamoured with all things massive and mega, and yet is still groping in the dark as far as food-based agriculture policy is concerned.


4 amazing rescue dogs and their inspiring stories

With their amazing noses, dedication and bravery, rescue dogs are true superheroes. Here are four inspiring stories.


Dear Thelma: I'm called names and bullied for being overweight

'I don’t understand why I should be bullied just because of my weight. Do fat people deserve to be treated like this? How do I deal with it?'


Dog Talk: Some dogs dislike men, others dislike women – how can they tell who's who?

That's a scent-sitive question. Spoiler: It's not pheromones!

Putting Dr G On The Spot

Seeing blue after popping the ‘little blue pill'

I am a 60-year-old-man who is just reaching the age of having problems to “rise to the occasion".

Across Spaces

Education on youth political participation

During the debate on lowering the voting age from 21 to 18 - ‘Undi18’ - for which amendments to the Federal Constitution had been passed, a very important issue arose, namely political education. According to the proposer, political education is needed for youths who will vote for the first time when they turn 18, starting with GE15.

On The Beat

A tall order

A leopard never changes its spots, but we’re more than open to being wrong.

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