Lenovo rolls out six new Legion gaming machines at E3

Lenovo’s Legion laptops have been redesigned from inside out. — Lenovo

Lenovo’s Legion laptops have been redesigned from inside out. — Lenovo

Lenovo has unveiled six new Legion gaming computers, including the Lenovo Legion Y730 and Y530 laptops, T730 and T530 towers, and C730 and C530 cubes. 

In an announment at E3 today, Lenovo says the new line-up was redesigned to offer a more modern look, instead of the "flashy, juvenile look" usually associated with gaming hardware.  

"We know you do more than just game on your PC and having a rock-solid rig that looks as good with your crew as it does in front of your colleagues is important," it says.

The Legion Y730 (15in and 17in) and Y530 (15in) laptops come in Iron Gray and Raven Black respectively.

Even though they are designed to be portable, the laptops still boast efficient heat dispersal with dual-channel cooling system with additional side vents and multi-length, multi-rotational fan blades that improves airflow by 16% and lowers temperatures by 10%. 

Both laptops are powered by an 8th gen Intel Core i7 processor and have an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti GPUs and run on Windows 10. 

The laptops’ optional 144Hz full HD IPS displays offer higher refresh rates for smoother visuals and reduced motion blurring and have brighter panels rated at 300nits, while saving space with thinner bezels.

The keyboards are claimed to deliver that split-second advantage in competition, offering under 1ms input response time. 

Lenovo says the Y730 is the first gaming laptop with Dolby Atmos Speaker System and Dolby Sound Radar that helps place gamers inside the action. Meanwhile, the Y530 natively supports Dolby Audio.

The Y730 Laptop is also the first gaming laptop with a Corsair iCue RGB backlit keyboard and system lighting, featuring six custom macro keys for added customization of more than 16 million colour combinations.

For gamers who don't need portability, Legion T730 and T530 tower PCs provide maximum gaming power with 8th gen Intel Core i7 processors and Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 GPUs.

The T730 also can be upgraded with an optional 32GB DDR4 overclocked Corsair Vengeance memory and up to two 512GB SSD or 2TB SATA HDD storage. 

The T730 has optional Asetek liquid cooling for reliable and quiet heat dissipation and increased framerate stability, smoother gameplay and reduced system noise. 

For those who want something in between, there are the Legion C730 and C530 cubes which are easy to carry so you can lug it to your friend's place for gaming night.  

Despite the small size, both pack Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 GPUs, up to 8th gen Intel Core i7 processors, plus Dolby Atmos audio systems and dual-channel thermal ventilation system for better heat management.

The 17in Y730 Laptop start at US$1,249.99 (RM4,990) and the 15in model at $1,179.99 (RM4,700), while the 15in Y530 Laptop pricing starts at US$929.99 (RM3,700).

The T730 tower and C730 cube is priced starting at US$929.99 (RM3,700), while the T530 tower and C530 cube starts at US$829.99 (RM3,300).

In the press statement, Lenovo Malaysia says local availability will be announced at a later date. 

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