One Man's Meat

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One Man's Meat

Kidnapping deja vu in the east coast of Sabah

The threat of cross-border abduction from the southern Philippines remains a daily possibility.

One Man's Meat

Spooky uncertainties await Sabah

Sabah and Jolo are separated by the Sulu Sea and yet their fates are entwined.

One Man's Meat

Be careful what you wish for

Life has a habit of not going according to plan but sometimes these hiccups hold some pleasant surprises.

One Man's Meat

Meaning of Merdeka and M’sia Day

LAST week, my 11-year-old daughter Apsara asked me what Merdeka was. She was preparing for a Merdeka-themed drawing competition at her school.

One Man's Meat

Unearthing hidden potential

Opportunity has come knocking for Sabahans working in the Klang Valley to show their entrepreneurial side.

One Man's Meat

The race politics of road rage

TWO Malaysians were involved in a fender bender on a highway in Selangor. It ended up with one of them getting killed.

One Man's Meat

Getting goosebumps singing Negaraku

‘National’ issues are distracting us from celebrating our national events as a united nation.

One Man's Meat

What were you wearing?

Schooling a male government senator on the real world of violence against women.

The Bitter Truth

The bitter truth about sugar

Watch out for that sugar intake or risk health complications later on.

One Man's Meat

Watching Malaysia’s House of Cards unfold

PEOPLE have asked me which television series best represents contemporary Malaysian politics.

One Man's Meat

A ticking time bomb at sea

WITH Bohey Dulang island in the background, a 30-something divemaster checked his surroundings.

One Man's Meat

Shakespeare in Malaysian politics

ON A morning when I was pumped up with Malaysian politics, I watch­ed the rehearsal of OYIF (On Your Imaginary Forces), named after a line from William Shakes­peare’s play Henry V.

Life Inspired has a chic new look

2020 is all about change, and Life Inspired did just that with a fresh makeover!

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