Be careful what you wish for

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  • Saturday, 07 Sep 2019

LIFE is full of surprises and opportunities.

On Tuesday, I received an intriguing message via Facebook messenger.

“Philip, It’s me, CJ. Remember me? I used to operate a futsal court in Bangkok donkey’s years ago,” wrote CJ Wong.

“How should I continue my story? To cut the story short, after years of meditation, my third eye has been opened, and I have been asked by Deva to help people. I am writing to you so that if you have any problem, you could look for me.”

Earlier in the day, I had received two messages via Facebook from “friends”.

“How are you doing today? Hope you are doing well?” said a friend called George.

“I’m good. You?” I said, politely just in case this George was a friend.

It had happened before. I thought a real friend, who out of the blue contacted me via Facebook messenger, was a Nigerian conman.

“It’s good to hear from you. I’m happy and excited.

“I have news for you. Did anyone recently contact you about your 2019 Social Private Assistance Package?” wrote George.

“Are you a Nigerian?” I asked

George didn’t reply, and he deactivated his Facebook account.

Back to CJ. I knew it was him as I don’t think a Nigerian conman knows that I knew a CJ, who is a Malaysian who owned a futsal in Bangkok. I met CJ when The Star dispatched me to be an Asia News Network editor in the Thai capital from 2006 to 2010. I lost contact with him when I returned to Kuala Lumpur.

“Hello! How are you? Of course, I remember you. You were nice to me. Brought me to Health Land for a massage and I had fun at your futsal court,” I replied.

(I would like to categorically state that Health Land is a famous and legitimate Thai spa which has no “happy ending”.)

“I am fine. I had a baby girl given by Deva. I will help anyone who seeks for help,” CJ said.

I was touched. It was refreshing that someone had reached out to offer me help.

Nowadays, the only people who say “May I help you?” to me are from McDonald’s, KFC and Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.

“Thanks so much for the offer of help. Every day I need help. But when the big one comes, I’ll remember your offer to help me,” I said.

I was tempted to ask him for 4D numbers. But I didn’t want CJ to think that I was that shallow.

I’ve prayed for a winning 4D number many, many times from my god. But, it has never been granted, so much so that I have stopped praying.

Sometimes, I wonder why my prayer was not answered. When I prayed for that 4D number I was really in need of money.

But, perhaps god has his/her own reason. Probably what he/she wanted to teach me was financial management was more important than winning the jackpot.

Don’t get me wrong. My god has granted some of my reasonable wishes.

I told my wife, when I was telling her about CJ’s offer to help me: “It is so tempting to ask him for help as his god might be more powerful than my god. But to think about it, my god has answered my prayers.

“One of my prayers answered is I prayed (when I was about 16 years old) to look forever young,” I said.

Vera laughed and said, “Of all the things you can wish for, you wish for that.”

I also believe that we need to be careful what we wish for.

Example, you pray that you lose weight. Your wish is granted, and you get diabetes.

It might happen as my god might have a warped sense of humour.

This reminds me of Monkey’s Paw by W. W. Jacobs.

Mr White retrieves a mummified monkey’s paw which his friend Morris, who had a horrific experience with it, had thrown into the fire. A fakir had placed a spell on the paw so that it could grant three wishes with hellish consequences for tampering for fate.

Mr White wished for £200 to pay for the final loan payment for his house. The next day, his son was killed in a fire incident while working in a factory. He received £200 as a goodwill payment from the factory.

Mrs White was distraught over the death of her son. She asked her husband to use the paw to bring their son back to life. He did.

There was a knock at the door. It was their son. But he looked the same as he was buried – charred.

Mr White made his third and final wish. The knocking stopped. He had wished his son back into his grave.

I asked CJ whether I could ask for a 4D number.

“Many, many people asked for this. Many say ‘If I win one million, I’ll donate 10%. Once Bapak (Deva) told me, Bapak will give it to people who are old and still struggling.’

“Bapak won’t give it to young people,” he said.

“I’ve come across people who prayed to kuman thong (the ‘dark side’) to help them win the lottery

“Whatever the person wins in prize money will have to be repaid in multiple times.”

His answer is too deep for me. Perhaps, he is politely saying no to my question.

CJ’s message came a day before I had a concrete plan to visit Bangkok to try and interview a billionaire Thai politician.

I’ll ask CJ to pray that I get that interview as I want to relate the Thai third force political party to Malaysia’s two-party democracy.

I hope life surprises me with an opportunity.
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