QuickCheck: Is there an island so small it only fits a house and a tree?

If you were stranded on an island, what would you bring with you? No one ever asks how much space you will have on the island to park your chosen items. How small can an island be anyway? Is it true that the smallest inhabited island in the world only has space for a house and a tree?



Yes; it is called “Just Enough Room” and is owned by the Sizeland family.

They bought it in the 1950s, built a house and planted a tree and called it a day. There’s really no room for anything else. Take one wrong step, and you are in the St Lawrence River.

The island is about the size of a tennis court and is in Alexandria Bay, which is part of New York.

Word has it that the family wanted to use this as a holiday home, but any dreams they might have had of quiet family time were dashed as the island became a popular attraction among tourists cruising along the river.




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