Bung bungles while riding escalator

PETALING JAYA: Netizens are laughing out loud at a hilarious video of Kinabatangan MP Datuk Bung Mokhtar Radin goofing around with his wife Zizie Ezette whilst shopping.

The 15-second video, first published on Zizie's Instragram stories, shows Bung sitting on an escalator step as it descends.

Zizie, who is shooting the video, tries to get a reaction by calling out "YB" at him.

As the 58-year-old Bung approaches the lower level, he struggles to stand up and rolls backwards before finally pushing himself off the ground.

The couple then broke out in mirth over the funny episode.

Zizie's Instagram Stories shows part two of the saga, where she continues teasing him for falling over.

In the second clip, both are seen seated in a restaurant, with Bung sporting a backpack and carrying their shopping bags.

"Why YB? Have you become like that since BN's defeat?" she teases and laughs.

Bung responds with hearty yet shy laughter.

When contacted, Bung said the video was taken at Imago Shopping Mall in Kota Kinabalu.

"Hahaha, it happened yesterday (June 14) while I was out with my wife," he said.

"I was too tired because of the fasting month, so I sat on the escalator. I didn't realise the escalator had reached the ground and it would be so difficult to stand up," he added.

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