Agony and ecstacy for Bessey and hubby

PETALING JAYA: For World Cup rivals Joanna Bessey and her husband Aurel Wunderer, it was tears for one and joy for the other as England was knocked out of the tournament on penalties by Portugal. 

“I am so disappointed they lost on penalties on Saturday! That’s a sad way to go,” Bessey, the bubbly star of former television sitcoms Kopitiam and All Mixed Up told The Star’s Football Every Day team yesterday.  

For her 30-year-old German husband, it’s exciting times ahead as Germany made it into the semi-finals after beating Argentina in another penalty shootout on Friday. . 

GAME WUNDERERS: Bessey and Aurel may be supportingdifferent teams but they still enjoy the World Cup together

“This time, I am more confident because the team is playing better. The players are younger and sharper in attack. The last team had more stars but this team is hungrier. I believe it will win the Cup,” said Wunderer. 

There was no mistaking which team Bessey, 29, of Malaysian-English parentage, supported in the 2006 World Cup in Germany, as she enthusiastically clapped and cheered “England!” as soon as she walked into Menara Star here last week. 

Although she has been busy rehearsing on a new , she tried to catch as many matches as she could, she saidafter a guest appearance on the daily’s World Cup podcast show. 

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