Fish for food: Shore fishing is an exciting pastime, and you can eat your catch!

With an extensive coastline around the country, anglers have unrestricted access to carry out fishing activities right from the shoreline.

Living near the sea has its perks, and one of the most rewarding benefits is the opportunity for shore fishing.

With the extensive 2,000km coastline along the peninsula, there are abundant opportunities for anglers to explore and make the most of these surroundings.

This age-old practice offers a delightful pastime and can help ease rising living costs.

Whether you are an experienced angler or a novice looking to try this rewarding activity, shore fishing is accessible to everyone.

Shore fishing encompasses various techniques beyond the traditional use of a rod and line.

Anglers can explore a range of methods to maximise their catch along the coastline, including casting nets and strategically placing crab traps.

This diversity in approaches opens up exciting opportunities to harvest seafood while enjoying the pastime.

Having the right casting spot and understanding the tides can lead to a plentiful catch.Having the right casting spot and understanding the tides can lead to a plentiful catch.

To get started, one needs some basic fishing tools: a rod, reel, hooks, sinkers, and some bait to conduct shore fishing.

For those on a budget, shore fishing is an affordable option, and with a bit of investment in the right equipment, one can embark on an exciting fishing journey.

For beginners, a medium- to hard-action rod and a spinning reel are recommended.

Spinning reels are user-friendly and ideal for those new to fishing, while baitcasting reels are best suited for more experienced anglers.

To complement the reel, consider using a 20- to 25-pound line, either monofilament or braided, depending on the target species.

The braided line provides sensitivity and strength, while monofilament offers shock absorption.

Inshore fishing can reel in various species, including croaker, stingray, whiting, bream, grouper, snapper, and even shark.

Golden snappers are among the fish that can be caught on the beach.Golden snappers are among the fish that can be caught on the beach.

For baits, one can use live or dead bait or artificial lures such as spoons, jigs and soft plastic baits.

Fresh bait like prawns, squid or small fish can be highly effective, while sea worms, known as “umpun-umpun,” are also a viable choice.

Casting nets, on the other hand, is a dynamic tool in the arsenal of shore anglers.

These circular nets, typically equipped with weights around the edges, are skillfully thrown into the water, spreading out as they descend.

As the net is pulled back, it closes like a trap, capturing prawns and small fish.

Casting nets are particularly effective in sandy or muddy bottom areas where prawns and other crustaceans gather.

This method adds an element of excitement to shore fishing, as the anticipation of a successful throw and the resulting catch can be incredibly rewarding.

While casting the fishing net may appear straightforward, it entails a degree of skill and practice to master the art of throwing, allowing the net to unfurl gracefully in the air before landing in the water.

Acquiring this skill may be relatively easy, but it undoubtedly demands practice to achieve perfection.

Beyond catching fish, shore anglers can target crabs by strategically placing crab traps.

These traps are designed to entice crabs with bait and provide a secure enclosure once they enter.

The ideal spots to put these traps are in estuaries or close to rocky areas.

Checking the traps and discovering your catch can be an enjoyable part of the shore fishing experience.

Shore fishing, whether reeling in fish with a rod and line, casting nets for prawns, or checking crab traps, offers not only a great way to unwind and connect with nature but also a practical means of supplementing your income.

With some patience, practice, and the right equipment, you’ll find that the rewards of shore fishing go beyond just a hobby – it’s a way to put fresh, affordable seafood on your dinner table.

Happy shore fishing!

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