Don't talk to me! Social media users embrace the 'unapproachable makeup' trend


The "unapproachable makeup" style plays with contrasts and graphic lines. Photo: AFP

One unexpected beauty trend getting buzz these days is "unapproachable makeup".

The idea behind the term is to create a look that will Intimidate, a look that says "don't bother me" and allows a wearer to draw on their mysterious side.

To achieve the look, social media users are playing with contrasts and using sweeping lines of eyeliner for a dramatic effect. The look, which actually has much in common with evening makeup, exudes confidence and sophistication.

The look is going viral on TikTok. And as the name suggests, this look is designed to play on the "don't talk to me" energy that women sometimes feel like giving out.

On the Chinese social network, "unapproachable makeup" already boasts some 83 million views.

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In a nutshell, this makeup looks so seductive that anyone who dares approach will need to be ultra-confident. Or at least, that's the vibe that these users are going for.

A mix between the succubus-chic look, with its dramatic eyeliner, and the glam look, this makeup features smoky, elongated eyes and an embellished complexion.

"Nothing I love more than (annoying) men, and nothing (annoys) them more than looking so good that they're too scared to approach you," is how one TikTok user (@megihebeja) puts it, as she introduces the aesthetic in her video.

To reproduce this so-called "unapproachable" look, the young woman lifts her eyebrows with a gel, then applies a generous amount of blush and highlighter to her cheeks and nose.

As for the mouth, she opts for a gloss in shades of pink. And the final touch: a play of contrasts on the eyelids to create a smoky eye, accompanied by sharp, clean eyeliner for the famous wing.

Of course other users have their own version of what makes for an "unapproachable makeup look".

Some opt for a smokier look, playing with pearly shades, black and gray.

One example from another user (@lottiestarrs), stretches her eyeliner line as far as possible, and adds black pencil under the eyes for an even more dramatic effect. Her lips are highlighted with cherry-red pencil for a glamorous, femme fatale effect.

In another video, a user (@whor3chata_) adds light grey to her eyelids, to make the look more sophisticated.

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Others opt for a fairly glossy complexion or thick false eyelashes to add a layer of eccentricity to their "unapproachable makeup" look.

For this type of look, the icing on the cake is the complexion. To accentuate the "fox-eye" effect, use the "face lift" technique, which gives a natural lifting effect.

To achieve this, an internet user applies contour on strategic points, notably at the hairline, cheekbone hollow, lower face and nose, followed by concealer along the tragus to enhance the look.

Blush is not applied to the cheeks, but to the top of the cheekbones. A perfect technique for adding dimension to the face. – AFP Relaxnews

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