What is 'tantouring' and how can this beauty trick help sculpt your face?


The "tantouring" technique combines tanning and contouring for a tanned, sculpted complexion. Photo: AFP

Social networks, particularly TIkTok are a never-ending source of makeup tips and tricks, which can be reproduced by us ordinary followers with varying degrees of success.

And sometimes one of the techniques being explained becomes a real phenomenon.

Such is the case with "tantouring", a method that combines tanning and contouring to achieve a tanned, sculpted complexion.

Anyone who thought they'd seen the last of contouring may be in for a disappointment.

Over on TikTok, one of the latest trends goes by the catchy name of "tantouring", a mix of the terms "tan" and "contouring", that infamous method of sculpting and structuring the face with makeup.

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You may have guessed it – contouring is making a comeback, with a subtle twist designed to bring a hint of tan to the skin. An ideal tip for those who weren't lucky enough to enjoy a summer vacation in the sun.

Popularised by several world-famous influencers, such as Kim Kardashian, contouring took a back seat to more natural makeup styles during the Covid-19 pandemic and its various periods of lockdown.

But that hasn't stopped it from racking up over two billion views on the Chinese social network.

Its new spinoff, "tantouring", has a way to go to get to this level, but it has already generated almost 20 million views in just a few weeks. A figure that testifies to the popularity of this new makeup technique, which combines the two basic elements for success – it's simple and effective.

Self-tanner, a key component

In fact, here's really nothing that complicated about this method, which simply involves swapping your usual contouring products for a self-tanner.

The idea is to apply the product to the areas you wish to sculpt – the bridge of the nose, cheekbones, jawline or hairline – playing with light and shadow effects, as you would with classic contouring.

But the result won't be the same: not only will your complexion be slightly tanned, like after a tanning session on the beach, but it will also last for several days.

In short, semi-permanent makeup that guarantees a healthy glow both in the morning and at bedtime.

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Beware, however, that the use of self-tanning products is not without risk...

The amount of product applied to the skin should be kept to a minimum, to avoid having to deal with an unattractive orange complexion.

Plus, a good exfoliation beforehand helps to eliminate dead skin cells and thus obtain an even tan.

As you can see, this technique is not irreparable, but neither is it easy to erase, requiring delicacy, dexterity and vigilance. – AFP Relaxnews

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