Created by Hailey Bieber, 'strawberry makeup' is a sweet look to try out


Hailey Bieber, who is behind the look, filmed a makeup tutorial for her TikTok, titled "Everyday Strawberry Makeup". Photo: Instagram/Hailey Bieber

The world of beauty seems to find inspiration in some unexpected places for a seemingly never-ceasing series of trends.

Following coffee and vanilla, now there are beauty looks inspired by another fruit, strawberries. Known as the "strawberry makeup", this new take involves enhancing the complexion with blush and bronzer.

After "latte makeup" and "espresso makeup", it seems that tasty treats are once again inspiring the tones we use on our faces.

Recently, "strawberry makeup" has been buzzing on TikTok, with three billion views in just a few days.

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This oddly-named beauty routine involves the application of a bold blush, accompanied by the addition of a few freckles, groomed eyebrows, bronzer (to create the illusion of tanned skin) and glossy lips.

A combination between a "sunkissed" effect and the natural "tomato girl" look, this makeup look is very easy to do, and requires very few tools.

Model Hailey Bieber, who is behind the look, filmed a makeup tutorial for her TikTok, titled "Everyday Strawberry Makeup" (which she also shared on Instagram), where she achieves a fresh, simple look in under two minutes.

Since then, a host of internet users have been quick to recreate the look on TikTok, adding a touch of glam with red lip gloss.

In her video, the model begins by applying a generous amount of moisturiser for radiant skin. She brushes up her eyebrows for a sculpted look. To accentuate her tanned complexion, she warms up her forehead and cheekbones with a creamy bronzer.

Then, to give some colour to her cheeks, she doesn't skimp on blush.

Bieber applies two cream blushes to her cheekbones – a dark pink and a lighter pink – which she blends together directly on the skin.

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On the upper cheekbone, she then layers a peachy-toned highlighter. To enlarge her eyes, the model uses bronzer in the hollow of the eyelid, to which she adds a fine wing of eyeliner.

A few fake freckles are added with a pencil, to get that "sunkissed" effect. As for the lips, the model lightly outlines them with a brown pencil, which she then blends with her finger.

A little tip: instead of using lipstick, Bieber adds blush to her lips, which she taps delicately with her finger. And to finish, a touch of gloss for a little shine.

An ideal makeup look for hot weather days! – AFP Relaxnews

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