Get the difference of pure 4G

A stable 4G network keeps you close to your friends and families via smooth, glitch-free video chats.

The smartphone has become a ubiquitous urban necessity nowadays. More than just being a handy mobile phone you can use to make calls and send messages, these sleekly designed devices are essentially mini mobile computers that empower users for an epic lifestyle that with the ability to gather information, enjoy entertainment and share your most joyous moments with friends and families near and far, in an instance.

In fact, data access today is of major importance, for it is these floating bits and bytes travelling on certain network frequencies that come together on your smartphone, to play podcasts or songs on Spotify, stream videos on Netflix or YouTube without lagging, run intense action-packed games like PUBG, allow you to shop your heart’s content on Shopee or guide you through a jumble of highways to your destination via Waze.

In other words, in this century, your link to the 4G network has become your “lifeline” in a metaphorical sense. And this standard in-network coverage gives your smartphones the latitude of amazing functions and those also include providing mobile web to IP telephony, gaming services, high-definition mobile TV, video conferencing and even 3D television.

An all dedicated connection

While all telcos today transmit 4G coverage, YES 4G plugs directly to a purely 4G network to provide smarter access for enriching mobile experiences.

The network, a mobile brand under YTL Communications Sdn Bhd, offers the highest availability in 4G connection regionally, grabbing 11 of the total 14 accolades in a survey made just this September by independent mobile analytics company OpenSignal, which specialises in quantifying mobile network experience.

The report also stated YES 4G received “impressive scores of more than 90% in all regions”, the highest being in Melaka, where it was noted that “users on its network connected to 4G 97.8% of the time”.

With more powerful smartphones, entertainment like gaming or watching movies online, is backed by dedicated 4G network.With more powerful smartphones, entertainment like gaming or watching movies online, is backed by dedicated 4G network.

Smarter, faster access

A truly dedicated 4G network ensures that its speeds adhere to the standards set by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), which are in turn, based on the Long-Term Evolution (LTE) standard for wireless broadband.

Somehow, due to pressures from other rising technologies and the business front, 4G technology came to be considered LTE standard. But realistically, the 4G standard is, by large, a utopian ideal and can rarely achieved.

As such most transmission would drift from 3G to 4G, while cellular services in certain places can just deliver H+; this is especially so if you are deep in the bowels of a large building.

With YES 4G’s epic and “always on” connection, you won’t need to worry about the line dropping into regions of 3G, 2G or lesser signal strengths, as it maintains its consistent 4G speeds throughout.

And although network speed needs no explanation, the concept of latency may not be familiar to the casual user. Latency is important as it represents the delay a connection returns when delivering a data across to an endpoint, and back. The lesser the latency, the better the connection.

As the YES network is strictly 4G, users can expect less delays due to its low latency, and can look forward to faster, safer connections when streaming a YouTube video, or sharing a birthday wish video with a loved one through Whatsapp.

You certainly do not expect delays to assail you when you’re attempting to pay your bills online or trying to indulge in grand festive shopping sprees on a shopping app. These transactions rely on speed, network reliability and availability, all points that a full 4G technology can offer.

Online shopping and banking requires a secure, fast and available network like the YES 4G Konfem Unlimited plan.Online shopping and banking requires a secure, fast and available network like the YES 4G Konfem Unlimited plan.

A confirmed 4G commitment

With the promise that you have full unlimited access to 4G LTE data for just RM1 a day, you can download epic apps, play music and video online, shop for your New Year party #OOTD – or simply video chat with your parents living back in the kampung.

And that you can do all that with the YES Konfem 4G Konfem Unlimited, regardless of where you are. You’ll get seven times pure 4G+ connection, talk and surf simultaneously, always unlimited data and more than twice clearer in calls with voice over LTE.

For rates and plans, visit the YES 4G website and #SwitchToYES today !

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