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  • Sunday, 21 Sep 2003


THIS week I want to introduce the world of crystal pendulum dowsing. We have been clearing ourselves as we have progressed such that we are cleaner and more open in our hearts and minds. Now we are ready to move onward and upward. It takes time to learn how to use new tools properly but all new learning is worth the time and effort. 

You can make your own or buy any pointed crystal pendant and attach it to a chain or string about 20 cm long. (A Tasbir, or set of prayer beads, also works if you do not have your pendulum handy.) 

Whatever kind of pendulum you decide to use, it is very important before you start spending a few minutes meditating, to attune yourself with your higher consciousness. 

To program your pendulum follow these steps: 

  • Draw a 13cm (5 inches) straight line on a piece of clean paper.  

  • Suspend your pendulum over the line (hold it between your thumb and middle finger) and really on it; mentally ask it to move and swing along the line (remember to keep you hand still). Persevere and concentrate. It will really work (yes, I too was sceptical at first). Keep focused and remain relaxed. 

  •  Now draw a circle 13cm in diameter on another clean sheet of paper. Once again, use your super conscious mind to ask your pendulum (now tuned in to your own unique vibrations) to move first clockwise, then anti clock wise. 

  •   You are now ready to program your new friend. As you mentally ask your pendulum to rotate clockwise tell your super conscious mind this movement  means “yes”. Ask for anti-clockwise movement for “no”. These are the only responses to questions that thependulum can offer. However, you may substitute “good-bad” or “safe-unsafe” responses, as you more confident.  

    For your pendulum dowsing sessions try to use a peaceful, quiet room far away from electrical equipment such as televisions and computers. Electromagnetic “disturbances”, or energy fields, may unduly influence the answers received from the pendulum. 

    Only ask your pendulum questions that can be answered with a “yes” or “no”. Initially, this can prove very difficult as few questions have such definitive answers. But, with a little practice, you will know how to develop your questions for maximum accuracy. 

    Your inner emotional state of mind and being may also affect the answers you receive, so it is best to try and remain as detached as possible from the answer you are seeking. 

    Your pendulum is a trusted friend and you should treat it as such and with respect. Asking your pendulum whether you should go to the pasar malam today, or wait until tomorrow, is a total waste of your pendulum's energy – and yours too! 

    With some questions you may find that the pendulum refuses to move in any direction. This most often occurs when it is inappropriate for you to know the answer – after all, there are some things, which you just have to work out for yourself. 

    A crystal you are “close” to will always work better with you. Try as many as you wish. They come in all varieties, sizes and weights. Make your pendulums your friends for life.  

    Aromatherapists find that pendulums are very helpful in choosing the best combination of essential oils for their clients. 

    Nutritionists use their pendulums to assist them in discovering from which allergies their clients may be suffering. 

    Crystal healers often use pendulums for detecting blockages within the chakras of their clients. As the pendulum is passed over each chakra in turn, it will begin to swing clockwise or anti-clockwise – thus indicating that healing is necessary for this chakra. And, once the healing session has been concluded, the crystal healer will use the pendulum once more to see whether the blockage has now been removed. 

    The list of possibilities for pendulum-usage is almost endless. 

    Now I want to share with you a technique to dispel negative energy in others who you feel are trying to hurt you. It is called the “pink lightning” technique. 

    If you feel someone is making life difficult for you or if you have constant problems with a colleague, try this technique! 

    Hold your personal clear quartz six-sided crystal (it should be about 8cm long) and visualise a pink lightning bolt over the head of the person you wish to be more understanding toward you.  

    Then start sending out loving thoughts to the higher self of that person. As you see the pink lightning bolt above the person see them covered in a beautiful shower of soft pink light and say in your mind and in your heart, “You (add their name) are becoming more loving all the time; you are a much more loving person.” The lightning clears all negativity and purifies the surrounding area. 

    This is an affirmation for another person. As we say and think “you are” we are also becoming more loving and understanding ourselves. Remember you are only bringing out the natural loving expressions of the person you are directing your thoughts to. We are not changing them (we do not have that right). We are just helping them to be more loving to themselves as well as to us. 

    While you are thinking those words, begin to visualise a pink lightning bolt in your mind’s eye, you will start to notice a different expression on the person’s face. If they have been very nasty towards you, they will become suddenly quiet; if they have been angry, they will start to speak more softly. 

    Add purple to your pink lightning bolt and it will protect you. When it is present no one can harm you. Something inside the other person wants to be soft, kind and loving in the presence of the pink lightning.  

    Whenever you concentrate on the divine presence within those people who you think want to hurt you, their expressions will be completely altered. 

    You can use this technique whenever you are in the company of people who are talking negatively about situations or people. Just mentally place the pink lightning over their heads in your mind (visualise your crystal and the pink lightning – you do not need your crystal with you, although you will find it easier to transform negative traits into positive ones with it) and they will begin to change within their own consciousness.  

    This technique is particularly helpful when you have no wish to be part of such a discussion but feel unable to leave. 

    Have fun whatever else. Enjoy your daily sit-in with your crystal circle (add a few extra tumbled crystals of the same as each four directions to increase the effect at a reasonable cost) continue with our new affirmation:  

    We are all one. When one is harmed, all are harmed. When one is helped, all are healed. Therefore in the name of who I am, and I am one with all, I ask that only that which is the highest good of all concerned happen through all dimensions, time and space in the way that is for the highest good. I give thanks that this is done!  

    My closing thought: The Greek language has a beautiful word, agape, which means unconditional love. Let's all share agape with each other and be a nation of agape people. (Pink, incidentally, is the colour of unconditional love. The lightning is connected with the energy and love of dolphins.) 

    I share with each of you agape


  • Jaguar Speaks is the pen name chosen by Mohd Hazri Humphreys for its healing vibrations. He is an Australian who has made Malaysia his home. He is a ‘corporate healer’ and trainer and is the Malaysian representative for the Australian College Of Natural Medicine ( You can write to Hazri at

    The views expressedin this column are those of the writer. The Star does not give any warranty on accuracy, completeness, functionality, usefulness or other assurances as to such information. The Star disclaims all responsibility for any losses, damage to property or personal injury suffered directly or indirectly from reliance on such information.  

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