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LEAD PIX: Sharing her knowledge: Master numerologist Gracy Yap says that anyone can become an expert in diving the future using this ancient technique -- you just need to learn how to do it. -- RAYMOND OOI/The Star

Do you know your Golden Numbers? No? You might want to meet this author, then.

CHANCE favours the prepared mind,” said Louis Pasteur.

Master numerologist Gracy Yap peppers her latest bestselling numerology book, Secrets Of Golden Numbers, with interesting quotes from philosophers and great thinkers, beginning with this winner by Pasteur, the great microbiologist.

Numerology, the art of finding significance in numbers, used to be a secretive field – the father of modern numerology, the philosopher Pythagoras of ancient Greece, actually made his students take a vow of silence!

Yap, however, has a different attitude and wants to share her expertise on it with the world. In her latest book, for instance, she reveals a secret code that she claims can be used to interpret birthdates and names in a way that can guide people onto the path of happiness and success.

This sought-after speaker and intuitive numerologist from Singapore has managed to make the study of numbers accessible to the masses by presenting potent formulae in simple terms.

And the Yap stresses that anyone can be a numerologist. Not only that, we can also become our own “oracle” in money matters and life in general. That, in essence, is the premise of Secrets Of Golden Numbers.

“Numerology is actually a language and the numbers are the symbols. We take the numbers and read them as if they were symbols,” explains Yap, who combines modern Pythagorean and ancient Chaldean numerology in her practice.

Briefly, Chaldean numerology deals with compound numbers from 10 to 52 (because there are 52 weeks in a calendar year) while Pythagorean numerology involves simple numbers from one to nine (because there are nine planets in the solar system).

“The Pythagorean school is easy and used worldwide in the Western model. Whereas, Chaldean numerology is more complex and more steeped in Tarot symbology; what I like about it is that it goes very deep into the psyche of a person,” shares Yap, who holds a teaching qualification from the University of Cambridge.

What inspired her to write Secrets Of Golden Numbers?

“It is because I experienced a string of favourable incidents, good things that happened to me on fortunate days. When I tracked them and logged them, I discovered that they were all ‘golden’ dates,” laughs Yap, going on to explain how she used both the modern and ancient schools of numerology to distill the numbers and come up with what she calls are “golden numbers”.

“Credit must go to Pythagoras and Cheiro (British Chaldean numerologist from the turn of the last century). A lot is based on Cheiro’s book of numbers,” says Yap, who is frequently quoted in Singapore’s Shin Min Daily News on metaphysics and fortune-telling.

“The thing about golden numbers is that you must be born with them. Or you must bring them into your life. In other words, you must have a birth date with a golden number and your name must be a golden number as well,” says the 40something self-proclaimed “lightworker” – a lightworker is a spiritual person whose mission is to help people to heal and cultivate their inner selves.

So if you are born with golden numbers in your birthdate and name, congratulations. But if not, don’t worry, as Yap says there are some number “cures” one can apply to remedy that.

“My advice would be to do a name change. It’s what numerologists would prescribe. And that’s a life-changing experience, because when you change your name, you change the script of your life. Whatever is encoded in your name will dictate the rise and fall of your fortune, that is the karmic blueprint of your life.”

Yap explains how one could make use of golden numbers to attract wealth by incorporating them in the numbers we use in our daily lives: our home and office addresses, car licence plate numbers, mobile phone numbers, jewellery, and others. Then, to create opportunities to be at the right place at the right time, one can calculate “personal” years or months or days to observe “cycles of abundance”.

Coincidently, just before this interview, I had moved into a new home with my family following a particularly difficult time. After analysing the numbers of the new address, Yap generously prescribes a number cure, complete with the date and time to apply the said remedy. And, Yap points out to me, the date I had chosen to interview her happened to be one of my personal golden numbers. Hence, I was already benefiting from the favourable energies generated by the auspicious number.

“Numerology is linked to astrology, so that’s where the elements come into play. You just need to go along with the characteristics of your own numbers to make things work easier for you.

“Numerology is also elegant to practise because you don’t even need your time of birth (to do forecasts),” says Yap, whose first numerology book was Finding And Keeping Your Crush: A Numerology Guide To Finding True Love, which dealt with love and relationships.

Yap has been practising as a professional numerologist for nine years; she reveals that her foray into this field was sparked by a visit to a fortune-teller. “Like many Singaporeans, I went to get my annual fortune told and was met by a fortune-teller who said, ‘ I have been waiting for you’ and who then gave me a stack of books and told me to study them, as that would be my true calling in life.”

Over the years, she has provided guidance to clients from all walks of life ranging from flight attendants and teachers to company directors and business owners, and she shares the most notable stories from her lightworker experiences in her book.

First released in 2010, Secrets Of Golden Numbers went into its second print in 2012 and includes additional case studies about lottery luck, success stories of students who attended her classes, and tips on how to make big money from real estate.

Gracy Yap will be conducting a workshop entitled Revealing The Secrets Of Golden Numbers tomorrow and Sunday at The Golden Space Malaysia (No. 27-2, Jalan PJU 5/20, The Strand, Kota Damansara, Petaling Jaya) from 10.30am to 5.30pm; to find out the fee and to book a place, call Stephanie at 03-6142 7218. For more information on Gracy Yap and future workshops or private sessions, go to

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