Attitude determines where you are in life

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  • Thursday, 30 Jan 2020

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad (seated, second from left) attends the Nak Ubah Hidup (NUH) 2020 seminar organised by Richworks.

Who doesn't know Dr Azizan Osman? To name one of his achievements, he is an example of the country's pool of leading entrepreneurs. Known to some as a renowned marketing specialist and an entrepreneurial mentor, but it was not always easy for Dr Azizan to achieve the standing he is at currently.

As he shares his story of how he has arrived at where he is today, he says, “Even though I am successful, I cannot sit still if I do not help others to also become successful.”

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From all of his bitter experiences, he recounts during the Life Transformation Programme 2020 (NUH, Program Nak Ubah Hidup) at the Setia City Convention Center, Shah Alam, Selangor last weekend, Dr Azizan first started his business after deciding to quit his job. Before he began his business, however, he was pursued by loan sharks for a long time.

“The three years between 1998 and 200, I failed in business; at that time I was 24 to 26 years old. I quit my job because I wanted to start a business, but my mom said 'our family has no business blood’.

“I continued to do a coconut business in the village. I borrowed money from my mother, bought coconuts from Johor to Malacca. But half of the coconuts were rotten, and so, the business did not take off. Unable to fully recover my capital, I gave up hope and quit.

“My second business, I sold laundry detergent. Again, I borrowed money from my mother and bought detergent. I brought it to a government office to sell, and in less than five minutes, it sold out. But the problem is, the buyer paid for it in three instalments. So I quit.

“Thirdly, I sold slimming and health-related products including tongkat ali. That venture also failed. In 2000, friends urged me to start investing. The capital amounted to RM 100,000. After talking with my mother and father, we paid mortgaged the house. But until now no return has been made. In just three years, I now owe loan sharks a quarter of a million Ringgit, ” he said.

Until the moment he met an older Chinese man who taught him how to rise from failure. “It was in October 2000; we met, and I asked him for advice. His name is Peter. He advised me to learn from others and to study. Eventually, I began an advertising business.”

It was because of his desire to help others that he started Richworks International Sdn Bhd, an event and seminar organiser aimed at helping entrepreneurs and marketers.

In the 12 years since its inception in 2008, RichWorks has trained and helped over 10,000 companies and individuals trained in Master Coach.

Dr Azizan claims more than 650,000 people have attended the 1,500-plus seminars and programmes under RichWorks. He says these programmes have helped thousands of entrepreneurs, some of whom are millionaires, to succeed in within six to 24 months.

Recently, Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and his wife Tun Dr Siti Hasmah attended the three-day Life Transformation Programme on Jan 25, an event during which entrepreneurs shared their experiences and success stories while the PM was in attendance.

Success comes from attending these seminars organised by Dr Azizan, demonstrated by entrepreneurs whose business revenues exceed the million-mark annually, companies such as Rempah Mak Siti, Noor Arfa Batik, among others.

“Attitude will determine where you land, ” says Dr Azizan, “That is what separates a successful person from an unsuccessful person. It’s now or never, I tell people. If you do not do it now, then when? Success comes from pushing yourself.”

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