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It's Just Politics

Political word of the year: Fluid

THE second day of the new year started with the surprise resignation of Education Minister Dr Maszlee Malik.


Imperfect visions for 2020

No matter how much the world has changed, our country’s original cornerstone principles remain relevant and important and should guide our plans for progress.

Reflecting On The Law

Build bridges and dismantle walls

A TUMULTUOUS year has come to a close and a new year and a new decade have rolled in. While we reflect on the many blessings that our nation continues to enjoy, let us also be conscious of the challenges ahead.

Vital Signs

Lessons we can learn from Vision 2020

Although Vision 2020 has been replaced by other development plans, there are lessons we can take away from this first vision of Malaysia as a developed nation.

So Aunty, So What?

It’s 2020. Welcome to the future!

AN unexpected benefit of growing old is that I can see better! I kid you not. I was mildly myopic as a teenager but still needed glasses to drive or watch a movie in the cinema.

What's Your Status?

Vision 2020: From 12 to 32, the realities of nation building

EVERY Monday, all of us at my primary school SK Taman Bukit Maluri in Kuala Lumpur would gather in front of school for our weekly assembly.

All the pieces matter

What really went wrong with Malaysia in 2019?

IN two of my recent columns, I wrote on Malaysia’s lost strength and Malaysia’s lost unity.

Putting Dr G On The Spot

Mixing booze with sex

Alcohol has also been linked to greater risk taking behaviour for sex in both men and women. Nevertheless, having a drink or two can has a relaxing effect and helps lower inhibitions.


Amnesia triumphs: How one decade undid a century of lessons

The world continues to repeat the terrible mistakes of yesteryears.

Siti Lights

The ashes of our education

Education is not rocket science. But you need to be scientifically-minded to make substantive changes in our education system, if we want to progress as a nation and not be left behind by the rest of the advanced world.

Through Many Windows

Can lack of compassion be the test?

We have to keep remembering that we are always human beings first and that the boxes of social construct come later.

Siti Lights

365 new days, 365 new chances

In 2020, let us toil, struggle and sacrifice in our own long step forward towards victory, honour and dignity for all in our beloved country.