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Colours of China

Belated justice for an innocent man

CLAD in a black and white striped shirt and black pants, Zhang Yuhuan set foot in Zhangjiacun again after 27 years.

Siti Lights

Of 'frogs', Sabah and changing Malaysian politics

The good news is with more right-minded Independent MPs, we might be able to break the hegemony of party politics.

Putting Dr G On The Spot

Lord of the ring in the pants

You don't need to be of noble blood to have a Prince Albert on your crown jewels

Asian Editors Circle

Asia back on the nuclear centre stage

Hiroshima and Nagasaki at 75: The nuclearisation of US-China rivalry has serious implications for regional security.

Heart Talk

YBs, respect my single vote please

TODAY, I might probably be accused of writing the obvious and something that all Malaysians are aware of.


Government jobs are attracting the young

A WHOPPING 95,000 first and second upper class degree holders applied for the civil service’s premier Administrative and Diplomatic Officers posts. Only 400 were accepted. For 1,500 clerical jobs in the government, more than 435,000 people applied.

On The Beat

Celluloid heroes

THE imagery for those of us weaned on American-made westerns is clear – the good guys were always the cowboys. The white men, I mean.


Quest for perfection

OVER the years, many doctors have studied the ideal facial proportions in people.

It's Just Politics

Looking for the winning formula

WHO is the most popular politician in Malaysia?

Science, She Wrote

Covid-19: Herd immunity and the power of sacrifice

When it comes to vaccinations to fight diseases, those who can vaccinate must sacrifice for those who cannot


Ripple effect of undersea tunnel on Penang govt

THE Penang government's undersea tunnel project had courted controversy right from the start.

On Your Side

Let journalists do their job

WHEN the movement control order (MCO) was first implemented on March 18, the media was one of the few sectors considered essential services and allowed to operate.

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