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All the pieces matter

2020: The year we get #StrongerTogether

Let’s move from politicians to civil society, to discover what lasting Malaysian unity can look like from 2020 onwards.

On The Beat

Embracing the ties that bind

There are a multitude of reasons that bring us together as Malaysians, yet there are those who spend inordinate amounts of time finding divisive ones to separate us instead.

Heart Talk

Shining hope for Malaysian unity

The unexpectedly quick and strong action by the Cabinet in responding to a racist incident offers a glimpse of the path towards a New Malaysia.

On Your Side

A war nobody wants

IT will be sheer lunacy if the tensions in the Middle East were to escalate to an extent that the United States and Iran embark on a full-scale war that nobody wants.


Deadly strikes opening the year

THE optimistic ending of my article last week was immediately blunted by a meme I received on Jan 4 that pronounced on Jan 1, the new decade was going fairly well; on Jan 2, Australia is on fire; and on Jan 3, World War III has begun. The latter is a reference to the assassination of Major General Qassem Soleimani by drone strike in Baghdad on the orders of US President Donald Trump.

Along The Watchtower

Smash the stigma, stop the suicides

SINGAPORE beat us to it again, this time in decriminalising suicide. Last week, it became the latest country to repeal archaic laws that made suicide attempts a criminal act.Unlike in Malaysia, where experts have been mulling over the issue since 2012, Singapore’s Penal Code Review Committee appraised outdated laws and came up with recommendations in August 2018.

Over the Top

A Bahasa Malaysia for all

Universities are not effective agents of social change if they can’t play a part in strengthening and upholding the national language.

Colours of China

Suzhou hits all the right notes

ON the last day of 2019, people from all over Suzhou flocked to Hanshan Temple, a landmark in the city in the southeastern Jiangsu province.

Putting Dr G On The Spot

Keeping the flames burning between the sheets in a new year

As we venture into a New Year in a brand new decade, many are setting their goals in life.


An auteur in his own right

Lightning strikes multiple times for Indonesian film director Joko Anwar.

On The Beat

A glimpse of glory

WE are already into 2020 and it’s the dawn of a new decade. But if we buy into the endless narrative of race and religion, it’s as if we haven’t moved.