‘How can he be so angry?’: Shock online as violent China student strangles teacher who confiscated mobile phone

By Liya Su

Badly behaved boy plays video games in class instead of paying attention. Attacks teacher, grabs his neck, squeezes hard, chokes him twice. — SCMP

A student in China who carried out a frenzied attack on his teacher after his mobile phone was confiscated during class has shocked mainland social media.

On Oct 9, at a higher vocational school in the southeastern province of Guangdong, the furious boy tried to strangle his teacher.

A viral video shows the teacher walking to the student’s desk and noticing he was playing video games on his mobile phone instead of paying attention to the lesson.

“Give it to me,” the teacher says, adding: “You are playing video games in the class.”

Fellow students who witnessed the boy’s violent attack let out a collective gasp of horror. Photo: Shutterstock

The student ignores him and clutches his phone tightly with both hands as the teacher tries to pull it from him. Eventually he takes the phone and walks to the front of the class to continue the lesson.

The student then stands up, follows the teacher then suddenly starts attacking him from behind, grabbing his neck and squeezing hard, choking him twice.

Surprised by the attack, the teacher does not immediately react to the violence, nor does he attempt to fight back.

Shocked fellow students are heard letting out a collective gasp of horror. A number of classmates tried to drag the pair apart.

In response to the student’s unruly and dangerous behaviour, the school has said it has punished him, but has not yet released specific details.

At the time of writing, the story had attracted more than 9,000 comments on Douyin, most of which slammed the student’s brutality and praised the teacher.

“How can a student be angry enough to choke other people? It’s scary,” one person said.

“What a responsible teacher. He restrained himself from hurting the student during the violence,” another person wrote.

Stories of children lashing out after their mobile phones have been confiscated are not uncommon in China.

Cases of students reacting violently to their mobile phones being taken away are not uncommon in China. Photo: Shutterstock

Two months ago, a 15-year-old boy addicted to online games brutally attacked his mother at an underground railway station in Beijing after she took away his smartphone.

In February, a primary school pupil brandished a meat cleaver at his father because he would not let him play video games on his phone. – South China Morning Post

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