How to restrict Google's data collection on your Android smartphone

  • Tech News
  • Saturday, 20 Jul 2019

You can limit Google's collection of user data with a few changes in your phone settings. — dpa

Google collects users' data from Android smartphones in order to direct targeted advertising to them. However, you can limit this collection with a few changes in settings, connect magazine reports.

For example, under "Accounts > Google", you can disable syncing services you don't use. And in the keyboard app Gboard, you can turn off both "Personalized Suggestions" and "Share Usage Statistics".

Under "Apps", it's a good idea to uninstall any unnecessary Google apps, the experts advise. Some apps can't be uninstalled, but you can at least disable them.

By switching off "Backup and restore", you can prevent your contact list and WiFi passwords from being backed up to Google's servers.

And by navigating to "Google > Advertising", you can also deactivate personalised advertising.

Since you're already in the Google settings, it also makes sense to go through everything and decide whether or not you want data storage for each feature – for example, you can choose to prevent Google from recording your location history. – dpa

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