For healthy blood circulation

 Take one capsule daily after meals for healthy and smooth blood flow.Take one capsule daily after meals for healthy and smooth blood flow.

YOU probably already know that it is important to keep your cholesterol, blood glucose and blood pressure at a healthy level. However, are you aware that maintaining healthy blood flow is just as important, especially once you are aged 40 and above?

Blood circulation is a significant body function as it circulates blood throughout the body, such as to the heart, brain and upper and lower limbs, to supply oxygen and nutrients and remove carbon dioxide and other waste products from the bloodstream.

As we age, blood is prone to be thicker (or more viscous) than usual, which can interrupt blood flow. When the blood flow through the blood vessels to a specific part of the body is reduced or blocked, the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the organ tissues will be insufficient and can subsequently lead to several health complications, including:

Numbness and tingling sensations in hands and feet: When blood flow is restricted, blood cannot reach the extremities (hands and feet) sufficiently, which can result in numbness and tingling sensation.

Cold hands and feet: Normal body temperature depends on a consistent supply of blood for thermoregulation, as blood absorbs and distributes heat throughout the body.

When blood flow is restricted, it can lead to temperature fluctuations of the skin and nerve endings of the hands and feet.

Fatigue: Inadequate delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the organs and muscle tissues can lead to an overwhelming feeling of fatigue. Poor blood circulation can also increase the burden on the heart as it needs to pump harder, which can lead to further fatigue.

Joint and muscle cramps: Inadequate oxygen to the muscle and joint tissues can cause severe pain and cramping in that particular area when walking or exercising.

Poor blood circulation can adversely affect health, emotional status and overall quality of life.

There are several factors that can cause poor blood circulation, including age, overweight or obesity, poor eating habits, alcohol consumption, smoking, sedentary lifestyles and certain medical conditions such as high cholesterol and high blood pressure.

Therefore, keeping our blood circulating efficiently is essential to overall physical well-being.

Discovering the goodness of natural water-soluble tomato extract

Tomato is a nutrient-dense food that offers numerous benefits to our health due to its high antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Emerging research has also shown that the natural water-soluble tomato extract found in the jelly around the seeds of sun-ripened tomatoes is highly concentrated with bioactive compounds such as nucleosides, polyphenols and flavonoids, and is clinically tested to improve blood circulation, according to a scientific article published in EFSA Journal in July 2010.

Biogrow SmoFlo Capsule: The natural solution for healthy blood circulation

Biogrow SmoFlo Capsule contains 150mg of Fruitflow natural water-soluble tomato extract (imported from France), which is clinically tested to improve blood circulation, according to the same EFSA Journal scientific article.

The Fruitflow natural water-soluble tomato extract is rich in bioactive compounds such as nucleosides, polyphenols and flavonoids.

It is recommended for middle-aged to older adults (above 40 years old) and individuals who want to improve or maintain blood circulation, have poor blood circulation, lead a hectic or unhealthy lifestyle and practice unhealthy diets.

Just take one capsule daily after meals for a healthy and smooth blood flow. Biogrow SmoFlo Capsule is available in major pharmacies.

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